This Brilliant Ketchup Bottle Hack Just Made Breakfast SO Much Easier!

You'll never toss another used ketchup bottle again!

During quarantine, we’ve learned just about everything there is to learn about the kitchen from the good folks on the internet. Reddit, in particular, has thrown us some hacks to make our time at the stove easier, like how to use mayo on grilled cheese and how to use a hairdryer for your best-ever baked turkey.

Now, breakfast is tasting even better thanks to this new Reddit hack.

What Is the Ketchup Bottle Hack?

You might have seen a variation of this hack on morning television: Load your pancake batter into a plastic squeeze bottle, and use the bottle to dispense the perfect amount of batter into the hot pan, every time—no messy pouring from a batter bowl required! Instead of going out to buy a plastic squeeze bottle, however, why not just wash and re-use an empty plastic ketchup bottle? It’ll save you cash as well as clean-up time after breakfast is done. Plus, you can get creative by squirting the pancake batter into any shape you like!

@food__dPancake maker hack! Get a clean plastic ketchup bottle with squirty nozzle and you’re away ##foodhack ##pancake ##fyp ##breakfast ##hack♬ How Bad Can I Be? – Ed Helms

This hack comes to us via @food__d on TikTok and u/laurenwazenn on Reddit. We’re never making pancakes the same way again!

You Can Use This Hack on the Go

It’s getting a little late in the season to go camping, but keep this ketchup bottle hack in your back pocket for next summer when you’re making breakfast around the campfire. This is also the perfect hack for saving any leftover batter—close the lid, pop the bottle in the fridge, and voila! Tomorrow’s breakfast made easy.

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