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20 Refreshing Ice Pops to Make This Summer

Say hello to homemade treats! From fresh fruit to decadent chocolate, your freezer will be popping with these sweet ice pop recipes.

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Peach Crisp Parfait Pops

“My little ones love fruit crisps and Popsicles. I created a healthy and delicious treat that combines the two. For a sweet addition, use cinnamon sticks in place of the pop sticks.” —Carmell Childs, Ferron, Utah

Get the recipe for Peach Crisp Parfait Pops.

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Maple Mocha Pops

“‘One is just not enough,’ my husband says of these creamy pops. They’re a breeze to make, and kids love them, too. You might also freeze in pretty serving cups and top with whipped cream for a grownups’ ‘frappaccino’ presentation.” —Caroline Sperry, Allentown, Michigan

Get the recipe for Maple Mocha Pops.

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Blueberry Cream Pops

“Blueberry and cream pops are such a fun after-school snack. Make them in the morning so the pops are ready to go when the kids come in the door.” —Cindy Reams, Philipsburg, Pennsylvania

Get the recipe for Blueberry Cream Pops.

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Lemon-Apricot Fruit Pops

“With just 31 calories and less than 1 tsp. sugar per serving, this is one light and refreshing summer dessert everyone can find room for!” —Aysha Schurman, Ammon, Idaho

Get the recipe for Lemon-Apricot Fruit Pops.

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Strawberry, Basil and Honey Paletas

“Made with fresh strawberries and basil, my authentic Mexican paletas recipe will keep you refreshed all summer long.” —Ericka Sanchez, El Paso, Texas

Get the recipe for Strawberry, Basil and Honey Paletas.

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Fruit Juice Pops

“I’ve used this recipe for years as a refreshing treat. My children enjoyed these pops more than any store-bought ones I ever brought home. They taste great with either pineapple or orange juice. Try freezing and serving in cups made from hollowed-out oranges.” —Barbara Stewart, Garland, Texas

Get the recipe for Fruit Juice Pops.

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Orange Cream Pops

“For a lower-fat alternative to ice cream-filled pops, try slurping this citrus novelty. The tangy orange flavour will make your taste buds tingle—while the silky smooth texture offers cool comfort, no matter how high the temperatures soar.” —Taste of Home Test Kitchen, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Get the recipe for Orange Cream Pops.

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