Portable Barbecues

Small barbecues, especially those that fold up, are easy to carry around and are ideal for picnics and camping holidays.

Portable Barbecues

There are many different styles, ranging in size and ease of portability. A factor to consider when choosing a portable barbecue is whether you want the authentic charcoal flavour, or the convenience of a gas grill–each has a different affect on the flavours of your favourite barbeque recipes. Also, remember you will also have to transport your fuel. It also depends if you want to be able to physically carry your barbecue, or simply want something you can fit in the back of your car to transport to a picnic site.

One of the most popular types of small portable barbecues is the hibachi, which takes its name from the Japanese words for ‘fire’ and ‘bowl’. These are available using gas or charcoal as their heat source, though charcoal is more common. As these are quite small, the amount of food you can cook at one time is limited, so it is suitable for a small family, rather than for feeding a crowd. It is also best for cooking smaller pieces of food requiring short cooking times over intense heat, such as skewered meats, chicken or fish. When shopping for a hibachi, look for one with a thick, heavy-grade base that will not rust or weaken with repeated use.

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