A Raisin to Celebrate!

Baking with California Raisins adds a little sunshine to the holiday season.

Ah, the holiday season! Or maybe we should call it baking season? After all, is there a season more associated with warm and wonderful baked treats than the wintery holidays?

California RaisinsPhoto: California Raisins

Whether you’re new to baking or practically a pro, there’s a way to make your best even better: add California raisins! (You probably guessed that from the title of the article though!)

California raisins are the best in the world, literally adding little bits of sunshine to almost anything you can imagine making. They’re a natural sundried superfood that is healthy and versatile enough to use in both sweet AND savoury recipes. They also make a great snack all on their own.

California RaisinsPhoto: California Raisins

Not convinced yet? Try out the delicious recipes featured below and learn more at CaliforniaRaisins.ca.

The Better to Bake With

Put a little California into the classics. Naturally sweet raisins are a perfect addition to all kinds of holiday treats.

  • Classic Candied Stollen—or its cousin, fruitcake—is a holiday tradition, combining warm spices with dried and candied fruits. The natural sweetness of California raisins is the perfect choice to add chewy texture and a taste of sunshine to this holiday favourite.
  • Who doesn’t love delightful Thumbprint cookies filled with pumpkin, nuts and the flavour pop of California raisins? The answer is no one!

California RaisinsPhoto: California Raisins
Everyone has their own secret family recipes. You can experiment with adding a new twist by folding raisins into a loaf cake or pastry filling for some additional natural sweetness and texture. Maybe you’ll create a new tradition all your own!

Rais’n Shine & Greet the Day

The most important meal of the day deserves a naturally sweet start.

  • Oven-baked French Toast with Raisin Syrup is a simple-yet-sweet start to the most wintry of winter mornings, perfect for the whole household.
  • Creamy oatmeal is a warm and welcome comfort food made to cuddle up with…and extra delicious with an added pop of sweet raisin flavour.
  • A raisin muffin is a perfect grab-and-go breakfast to keep everyone moving along, whether they rise early or sleep in late.

In a season of hustle and bustle, try beginning your day with a naturally sweet start!

California RaisinsPhoto: California Raisins

Sweet Meets Savoury

Raisins compliment even the most full-flavoured of foods. Even the most savoury of recipes can use a pop of sweetness to elevate the whole dish.

  • Let California raisins be the sweet, secret ingredient that ties all the flavours in your stuffing together. What a delicious surprise!
  • Is there any vegetable more maligned than Brussels sprouts? Raisins paired with nutty Brussels sprouts (and some optional savoury bacon) will raise their reputation and create a side that might just upstage your main dish!

California RaisinsPhoto: California Raisins
Ultimately, you’re the chef, and the holidays are a great time to perfect your savoury creations with a raisin recipe all your own!

Sweet or savoury, side or spotlight, breakfast or dinner, California raisins will be raisin’ spirits by elevating any holiday meal you choose to make! Stock up for the season and learn more at CaliforniaRaisins.ca.

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