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10+ Sweet Apple Recipes to Make This Fall

After a trip to the orchard and a little time in the kitchen, make the most of your harvest with these sweet apple recipes.

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Apple Spice Waffles

Sweet apple recipes make for a great fall brunch treat. “These apple waffles are cozy and comforting anytime—morning or evening. The smell of toasty waffles with apples is sure to warm you up on even the most blustery of days.” —Jane Sims, De Leon, Texas

Get the recipe for Apple Spice Waffles.

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Apple Gingerbread Skillet CakePhoto: Taste of Home

Apple Gingerbread Skillet Cake

“This gingerbread recipe came from my grandmother, and we always ate it with warm applesauce. I adapted it into a one-pan dessert by layering the apples around the bottom of a cast-iron skillet and topping them with the gingerbread batter. The skillet creates a wonderfully thick crust on the gingerbread.” —Mary M. Leverette, Columbia, South Carolina

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Slow-Cooked Pumpkin Apple Cobbler

“This spiced pumpkin apple cobbler recipe is sure to please all of your guests. It’s perfect for fall, but can be made year-round since it uses fresh or frozen cranberries.” —Joan Hallford, North Richland Hills, Texas

Get the recipe for Slow-Cooked Pumpkin Apple Cobbler.

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Dutch Apple Cake

“My husband and I came to Canada from Holland more than 40 years ago. This traditional Dutch recipe is a family favourite and has frequently gone along with me to potluck suppers and other get-togethers.” —Elizabeth Peters, Martintown, Ontario

Get the recipe for Dutch Apple Cake.

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Apple Butter Bread Pudding

“This is one of my mother’s best recipes! I’m sure your family will be delighted with it, too. Serve it as a dessert or a very special breakfast treat.” —Jerri Gradert, Lincoln, Nebraska

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Oma’s Apfelkuchen (Grandma’s Apple Cake)

“My husband’s German family calls this Oma’s apfelkuchen, which translates to ‘Grandma’s apple cake.’ They’ve been sharing the recipe for more than 150 years. I use Granny Smith apples, but any variety works.” —Amy Kirchen, Loveland, Ohio

Get the recipe for Oma’s Apfelkuchen (Grandma’s Apple Cake).

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Apple Peanut Butter Cookies

“These apple peanut butter cookies are great for fall gatherings. They’re crisp on the outside and soft inside.” —Marjorie Benson, New Castle, Pennsylvania

Get the recipe for Apple Peanut Butter Cookies.

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