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Word Power: Test Your Knowledge of Cooking Terms

If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen. But don’t shy away from this month’s quiz on the terminology of cooking.

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Cooking terms - shuckPhoto:

Cooking Term #1: Shuck

A: Shake vigorously to mix
B: Remove from an outer covering
C: Slice into thin strips

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Platter of fresh oystersPhoto: Shutterstock

Answer: B—Remove from an outer covering

As in, “Shucking oysters may be difficult in the beginning, but you’ll be able to master it in no time!”

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Cooking terms - MezzalunaPhoto:

Cooking Term #2: Mezzaluna

A: Knife with a curved blade and two handles
B: Medium-spicy sausage
C: Moon-shaped pasta

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Mezzaluna knifePhoto: Shutterstock

Answer: A—Knife with a curved blade and two handles

As in, “A Mezzaluna allows you to chop a lot of herbs in very little time.”

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Cooking terms - searPhoto:

Cooking Term #3: Sear

A: Soak in brine
B: Heat sugar until it liquifies
C: Cook the surface of something quickly with intense heat

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Ribeye steak being seared in cast-iron panPhoto: Shutterstock

Answer: C—Cook the surface of something quickly with intense heat

As in, “My favourite way to cook a steak is the reverse-sear method: slow-roasted in the oven first, then seared in a hot pan on the stovetop for the ultimate crispy crust.”

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Cooking terms - dredgePhoto:

Cooking Term #4: Dredge

A: Coat lightly
B: Drain liquid
C: Break apart by hand

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Dredging chicken breastPhoto: Shutterstock

Answer: A—Coat lightly

As in, “Don’t forget to dredge the chicken breast in all-purpose flour before frying.”

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Cooking terms - coulisPhoto:

Cooking Term #5: Coulis

A: Soup served chilled
B: Cucumber salad
C: Sauce made from puréed fruit or vegetables

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Raspberry coulis on cheesecakePhoto: Shutterstock

Answer: C—Sauce made from puréed fruit or vegetables

As in, “Raspberry coulis can be paired with countless desserts!”

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Cooking terms - kneadPhoto:

Cooking Term #6: Knead

A: Work moistened flour into dough
B: Grind into fine particles
C: Trim fat

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Kneading doughPhoto: Shutterstock

Answer: A—Work moistened flour into dough

As in, “I tried your no-knead bread recipe the other day, and it turned out fantastic!”

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Cooking terms - infusePhoto:

Cooking Term #7: Infuse

A: Steep in liquid to extract flavour
B: Fill the centre of something
C: Cover with glaze

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Garlic-infused butterPhoto: Shutterstock

Answer: A—Steep in liquid to extract flavour

As in, “This recipe for garlic-infused butter is surprisingly versatile.”

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Cooking terms - liaisonPhoto:

Cooking Term #8: Liaison

A: Sous-chef
B: Thickening agent used in soups and sauces
C: Pleasing blend of two disparate tastes

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Red wine saucePhoto: Shutterstock

Answer: B—Thickening agent used in soups and sauces

As in, “Your wine sauce needs to be a tad thicker—try a liaison.”

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Cooking terms - mincePhoto:

Cooking Term #9: Mince

A: Stir gently
B: Cut into very small pieces
C: Dehydrate

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Minced garlicPhoto: Shutterstock

Answer: B—Cut into very small pieces

As in, “The flavour and fragrance of garlic grows stronger the more you mince it.”

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Cooking terms - TajinePhoto:

Cooking Term #10: Tajine

A: Earthenware cooking pot with a conical lid
B: Wide spatula
C: Yellow citrus fruit mainly used in Asian cuisine

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Tajine earthenware potPhoto: Shutterstock

Answer: A—Earthenware cooking pot with a conical lid

As in, “We bought our Tajine while travelling in North Africa two years ago.”

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Cooking terms - smidgenPhoto:

Cooking Term #11: Smidgen

A: Deep-fried onion
B: Square skillet
C: Small amount

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Pour sea salt on caramel cookiesPhoto: Shutterstock

Answer: C—Small amount

As in, “I like to add a smidgen of sea salt onto my caramel cookies before serving.”

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Cooking terms - coddlePhoto:

Cooking Term #12: Coddle

A: Cook in liquid just below the boiling point
B: Poke tiny holes in meat to tenderize it
C: Heat fish with its skin on

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Coddled eggsPhoto: Shutterstock

Answer: A—Cook in liquid just below the boiling point

As in, “Coddling is a very gentle cooking method that results in the most tender eggs.”

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Cooking terms - aspicPhoto:

Cooking Term #13: Aspic

A: Paring knife with a pointed blade
B: Savoury meat-stock jelly
C: Snake soup

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Aspic meat jelliesPhoto: Shutterstock

Answer: B—Savoury meat-stock jelly

As in, “A lot of the aspic recipes I’ve come across are from Eastern European countries.”

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Cooking terms - confitPhoto:

Cooking Term #14: Confit

A: Cheesecloth used to make yogurt
B: Blend of oats and rice
C: Meat cooked and preserved in its own fat

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Duck confitPhoto: Shutterstock

Answer: C—Meat cooked and preserved in its own fat

As in, “If you’re interested in mastering old French cooking techniques, start with confit.”

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Cooking terms - MandolinPhoto:

Cooking Term #15: Mandolin

A: Utensil with adjustable blades for slicing
B: Hot fruit salad
C: Needle for trussing poultry

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Mandolin slicerPhoto: Shutterstock

Answer: A—Utensil with adjustable blades for slicing

As in, “Most home cooks are scared of using a Mandolin, but they aren’t that much dangerous than a regular knife.”

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