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8 Ways to Escape the Trans Fat Trap

Reducing your dietary intake of trans fat is essential for improving your health. Keep your heart happy and healthy by substituting these healthier choices next time you’re out shopping for food.

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1. Go Soft on Margerine

Choose soft margarines instead of hard block variety and look for brands with no trans fats. It may be shown as hydrogenated fat or oil.

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2. Sauté the Right Way

When preparing your vegetables or meats in a pan, use olive oil for sautéing.

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3. Change Your Salad Topping

Sprinkle flaked or chopped nuts or sunflower seeds on salads instead of bacon bits.

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4. Swap in Healthier Snacks

Snack on a small handful of unsalted nuts or a box of raisins rather than potato chips. Or try peanut butter on celery stalks, carrots or rice cakes.

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5. Stick to the Outer Edge

Shop around the perimeter to make your next grocery store visit a healthier one. Most processed foods, which contain a lot of trans fats, are on the inner aisles.

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6. Avoid Trans Fats

If you have to buy processed foods, choose trans-fat-free versions of cookies, cereals and desserts. Check the nutrion facts table on the label to be sure.

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7. Skip Fast-food Fries

Order a side salad, a plain baked potato or a healthy alternative such as fresh fruit (now becoming available at more fast-food chains).

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8. Do Your Own Baking

When you have time, make your own scones, waffles and cakes instead of using store-bought versions or a mix packed with trans fats. Make extra and freeze some.