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The Ultimate Golf Meal Plan

Your golf scores may be sub par, but your eating habits shoudn’t be. Perk up your game with handy diet tips that take you from morning to night.

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While there’s no guarantee that eating properly will lower your score, ignore golf nutrition at your peril. “You’re out there for four or five hours, longer than most sports,” says Cathy Williamson, the author of Top 10 Nutrition Tips for Golfers. “You’re walking six to ten kilometres. If you don’t pay attention to fuel and hydration, your game will suffer.

Fact: 6 million Canadians consider themselves golfers.

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1. Breakfast

What You Used To Do

Make like Tiger Woods and gobble down a bowl of Fruit Loops.

What You Should Do

Eat a hard-boiled egg with an apple. Together they provide a mix of protein, healthy fat and complex carbs-perfect for establishing and maintaining steady blood-sugar levels, says Robert Yang, a nutrition advisor at the Titleist Performance Institute.

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2. Pre-Round Drink

What You Used To Do:

Grab a Grande Americano on the way to the course.

What You Should Do:

Start the game hydrated. Drink at least 500 mL of water before the first tee. “Even if you’re only a little bit dehydrated, your brain literally slows down,” says Williamson.

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3. Mid-Game Snack

What You Used To Do

A hot dog and a beer at the turn.

What You Should Do:

Drink water at every tee and snack every four or five holes to maintain energy and concentration. Almonds, fruit and trail mix are good, but the best, says Yang, is turkey jerky, which is high in proteins that fuel the brain and boost mental focus.

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4. At the 19th Hole

What You Used To Do:

A John Daly (sweet tea, lemonade and vodka) and a plate of nachos.

What You Should Do:

Set your body up for a quick recovery. Within 15 minutes of finishing your round, drink two glasses of water. To repair muscle torque and shear, eat some protein and replace energy stores with carbs, like a steak with vegetables and a baked potato or chicken salad with rice. If you’re going to drink alcohol, do it with food and water, says Yang.