Your Fab Five: Food

Enjoy our most popular recipes amd food articles from August ’09. There are some great suggestions on how to make healthier choices with fast foods, a step-by-step guide on how to make jams and freeze vegetables, recipes for marinades and lots more!


4 Steps to Putting Up Jams

It’s important to store your jam properly in order to prevent it from spoiling before its time. The following steps will help you preserve your homemade jam.


Marinade Magic

The purpose of any marinade is twofold: It breaks down the fibres in tough pieces of meat, and infuses the meat with piquant flavour. Add some zest to your meat by trying one of these easy-to-make marinades.


Top 10 Tips for Vegetable Freezing

Freezing fresh vegetables is the best way to enjoy your favourites year round. But do you know how to prepare them for the deep freeze? The following tips can help you keep your veggies their freshest while they’re under ice.


American Potato Salad

A picnic or party is not complete without potato salad. Try our version of this classic family favourite.


Lighten Your Fast Food

Our hectic lives are often so busy that we feel we can’t get by without eating on the run. However, it is possible to make your fast-food choices a little lighter by being careful when you choose a menu item. Click through this tips gallery for helpful reminders when you’re at the fast-food counter.

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