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10 Fast Fashion Fixes

It may be a stretch to say that clothes make the man-or woman. Nontheless, it’s important to dress for success but it fashion can also be fun. Make the most of your wardrobe without spending a fortune by following these care tips. Our creative solutions will save you money.

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Keep cool fashion tip

Use cotton underarm shields to protect your favorite dresses from perspiration stains

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Life Extenders for New Clothes

Fasten or trim loose threads or pull them through to the wrong side and secure.


Reinforce stitching on patch pockets by sewing a tiny triangle at each top corner of the pocket.


Protect your clothes from perspiration stains with  cotton underarm shields and let your clothes air ait before you put them away. Allow at least 24 hours for moisture to evaporate.

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Make Leather Last

Protect your leather from minor stains using products sold for waterproofing leather shoes and boots. For soft leathers, use a temporary fluorocarbon spray such as 3M Scotchguard every few weeks.


Cold cream is as good for leather as it is for your face. Rub it in with your fingers and wipe off excess with a cloth or paper towel.


Darken leather using a cloth dipped in ammonia. Apply as evenly as possible to avoid streaks.


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New Clothes from Old

Transform a too-tight pullover sweater into a classy cardigan. Measure the exact center of the front, mark it, and machine-stitch down each side of the centerline. Cut from top to bottom between the lines of stitching. Finish the edges with ribbon or decorative sewing tape.


Transform stale bridesmaid dresses into a cocktail dress by altering the hemline, neckline and sleeves. 

Remake outdated dresses into a blouse of skirt.



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Stalking Perfect Stockings

Sounds crazy but it works! Freeze your pantyhose before wearing them and they will last longer. After wetting them thoroughly and wringing out excess water, put the panty hose in a plastic bag and store them in the freezer. When you need stockings, thaw them out and let them dry.


A light coating of starch will make them more resistant to runs.  To stop a run in a stocking, rub the run with wet soap, spray it with hair spray, or dab on clear nail polish.



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Twice as Nice

If the collar of a shirt is starting to fray, don’t get rid of the garment. Carefully remove the collar at the seam where it is joined to the shirt, turn the collar over, and reattach it with the unworn side showing. Or sew the seam closed and leave the shirt collarless.


If the cuffs are fraying, cover them with bias or satin binding. If you use a contrasting color for the binding, also bind the edges of the collar.




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Old Reliable Denim

Turn that pair of old jeans into a skirt. Cut the jeans to the desired skirt length, leaving an inch for hemming. Then remove the inseam stitching.


For a straight skirt, just sew those edges together and hem the bottom. To add flair, cut triangular pieces from the leg material you cut off and sew the triangles into the openings formed by the inseam edges.



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Shoe Shine

A solution of 1 cup water and 1 tablespoon white vinegar will remove salt stains. Remove tar and grease stain from white shoes with nail-polish remover


Matching acrylic paint, indelible felt markers or caryons can cover scuff marks as does typewriter correction fluid for whites shoes or India ink for black shoes.


Speed-clean patent leather with a rub of some petroleum jelly or a spritz of glass cleaner. For a quick shine buff the leather with some hand lotion.    

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On Canvas

Extend the life of canvas shoes by spraying a fabric protector or starch over them before wearing.


Clean canvas sneakers quickly with a spray-on carpet cleaner. Scrub with a toothbrush, let dry, and then brush with a dry brush.


Help your canvas tennis shoes keep their shape longer: After washing and drying them, stuff the shoes with paper towels, cover them with liquid starch, and let them dry.


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Pamper Your Purses

Gently stuff your purse before storing and maintain its shape. Place it in an old flannel or cotton pillowcase to protect the exterior.


Condition leather purses with a damp cloth and mild soap.  Buff with a colorless leather conditioner.


Brighten up a patent-leather purse with a spritz of glass cleaner followed by a gentle buffing with a cotton cloth or paper towels.


Replace a broken purse strap with a heavy chain necklace or belt.


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Hats Off

After laundering a beret, slip it over a dinner plate to dry. Just be sure you use a plate that’s the same size as the hat!  


Keep a felt hat looking fresh by using a soft brush on it after each wearing. Store the hat in a plastic bag.


If you’re caught in the rain with your best felt hat, blot the raindrops with a tissue. Then rub a wad of tissue paper over the rain spots using a smooth, circular motion. A coffee can works great as a hat stand while your hat dries.