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12 Beauty Tips to Look Good When You’re Sick

Getting sick during flu and cold season is a given, but looking ill shouldn’t be. Discover how to look your best even when you don’t feel it with these pro beauty tips.

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1. Treat Yourself to the Right Tissues

If you’re coming down with the sniffles, don’t skimp when it comes to facial tissues. You’re bound to be blowing your nose a lot, and opting for lotion-treated tissues will go a long way in preventing a Rudolph-red, irritated nose.

Source: WebMD

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2. Stay Hydrated, Inside and Out

When you’re sick, you’re usually a little dehydrated, too – which can show on your skin. This is the time to slather on an intense facial moisturizer both in the morning and at night to prevent a parched look. Bonus: You’ll protect your skin against all that nose-blowing friction, too. And tuck a small bottle or tube of heavy-duty moisturizer in your handbag (along with a personal pack of tissues) before you head out for the day.

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3. Soothe Puffy Eyes with Teabags

If your eyes get puffy from congestion, sleep with your head slightly propped up to allow fluids to drain more easily from your face. To battle under eye bags, try this tea remedy: Take two cold, wet teabags and place them over your eyes while you lie down for 15 minutes. The result? De-puffed peepers.

Source: WebMD

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4. Cool Down Your Eye Cream

Try storing your eye cream in the refrigerator. Not only will it feel refreshing on your tired eyelids, it will also help to fight puffiness.

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5. Avoid the Red-eye

Another hallmark of a cold? Pink, bunny rabbit-like eyes. Banish that bloodshot look by using eye drops to lubricate and cool your eyes, reducing redness.

Source: WebMD

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6. Prime Your Face Before Prettifying

Since you’re bound to blow your nose, sneeze, and rub your eyes a bit more when you’re sick, start with an application of face primer before you put on any makeup; this will add hours of staying power to your look. Lip primers and eye primers are a good idea, too.

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7. Don’t Reveal, Conceal

One of the top tip-offs that you’ve got a cold is a red nose. Opt for a highly-pigmented, opaque concealer that is yellow-based and just a bit paler than your skin to camouflage the redness.

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8. Don’t Pile on the Base or Powder

Skip the regular foundation and traditional face powder, since it’s easy for it to look cakey when you’re dehydrated. For some natural-looking coverage, top your moisturizer with mineral foundation, which will conceal and even out skin without looking dry.

Source: WebMD

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9. Warm Up Your Skin

If you’re feeling pasty, you’ll want to add a bit of colour to your face. But play down any pink and bring out the warm tones in your skin by using a bit of bronzer and some peach-toned cream blush for a healthier-looking glow.

Source: Glamour

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10. Brighten Up Your Eyes

Dab pale, shimmery beige or gold creamy eye shadow on your lids and at the inner corner of your eyes to catch the light and to counteract any redness or dullness in the eye area.

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11. Avoid Mascara Meltdown

Sneezes and sniffles mean watery eyes and potential smudging. To avoid a washout, stick with waterproof mascara.

Source: CafeMom The Stir

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12. Keep Lips Smooth and Shiny

When you’re stuffed up, your lips have a tendency to get super-chapped. Rub them gently with a warm, wet washcloth to remove any flakes, and then condition with a rich salve or balm. Stick with tinted lip balm or gloss in a neutral tone for a fresh look.

Source: CafeMom The Stir

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