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4 Ways to Keep Your Skin Glowing

Keep that healthy glow all day long by following this four-step process for radiant skin.

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Here are the four basic steps to proper care of your skin. Repeat the first three twice a day – when you get up and again just before bedtime. Pat your skin instead of rubbing it, to avoid stretching the underlying tissues.

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1. Cleanse

Use a gentle cleanser designed for your skin type. Apply with your hands, not with a facecloth.

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2. Tone

Toning lotion or freshener cools the skin, temporarily causing muscles to contract and pores to look smaller. Avoid products with alcohol if you have dry or sensitive skin.

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3. Moisturize

Moisturizers help to hold moisture in, plumping up the cells and making the skin look softer. Choose oil-based products for dry skin, water-based for oily complexions. Don’t forget to moisturize your neck.

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4. Use Night Cream

Patting on a night cream before bedtime can help the top layer of the skin rehydrate while you sleep.

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