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7 Ways to Banish Skin Problems

Skin problems can be a pain. Find out what you can do to improve certain skin conditions without turning to expensive products for help.

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Many skin-care problems can be treated with natural remedies and a healthy lifestyle

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1. Maintain Proper Hygiene

Keep your skin clean and free from infection with antiseptic face washes.


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2. Drink More

Drink plenty of fluids – aim for at least eight glasses of water and fruit juices a day

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3. Decrease Diuretics

Alcohol, tea and coffee are all diuretics which increase the loss of water from the body in urine. Have less of these or increase the amount of water you drink to compensate.


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4.Invest in a Healthy Diet

Eat plenty of fruit – especially citrus fruits – and fresh vegetables to provide Vitamin C which is vitally important for skin repair.


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5. Take Vitamins

Take more zinc, also vital to skin repair. Best sources are meat, nuts, cereals, milk and green vegetables.


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6. Get Plenty of Omega-3s

The essential fatty acids found in oily fish are very important for healthy skin, so eat fresh salmon, trout, mackerel, herrings and sardines, or have them in fish fingers, pâtés or fishcakes.

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7. Eat Fruits and Vegetables

To improve the skin condition psoriasis, eat plenty of foods rich in beta carotene. It is most abundant in red and yellow vegetables and fruits such as carrots, tomatoes, peppers, apricots and mangoes.