9 Fashion Tricks to Seriously Up Your Fall Wardrobe Game

Instead of spending big bucks on new clothing for fall, incorporate these key trends and restyle the items you already own to stay on trend for less.

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Embroider your wardrobe

For this autumn, romantic rose floral prints that can be embroidered on different types of clothing are one of the biggest upcoming trends—and you’ll find pieces at every price range, says Perry Tabora, a Manila-based stylist. You can take a DIY approach or seek out layering garments.

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Pantsuit nation

Although the U.S. presidential election is long over, pantsuits are here to stay. Tabora says pantsuits will stay on trend into the fall, where women can power-dress at the office or wear pantsuits for a morning formal wedding or event. Pantsuits can also work as separates and are easy to add some bulk to an outfit once it gets cooler outside.

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We should all be feminists

Fashion wants you to get political, or at least throw on a T-shirt with a slogan this season. A T-shirt is one of the easiest garments to wear when it’s chilly in the morning and warm in the afternoon. Tabora says incorporating slogans with chic outfits are the easiest way to stay on trend and “literally make a statement but still be fashionable.”

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Seeing red

Basic, understated dresses in chic bright red is another one of the big trends for fall, says Tabora. The colour popped up all over the spring runways and on the red carpet at award shows, but with some extra sparkle.

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Fall fringe

“Fringed skirts and dresses for that lively and fun look—perfect for twirling at any party,” says Tabora. A fringe skirt is a great transition piece for fall because of its colour and texture. Add some tights and boots to the outfit to stay warm as the weather gets cooler.

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 Layer, layer, layer

“When you’re transitioning your summer pieces to something that will keep you warm but still fashionable in the fall, layering is key,” says Tabora. “Try a turtleneck top either under a cami dress or as an inner for suit dressing.” When picking a turtleneck to layer, opt for a slim-fit one.

From high-rise hair to strings of pearls and slim-fitting shift dresses, Jackie Kennedy’s signature looks will never go out of style.

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Weigh down your look

“Invest in a good-quality leather or jean jacket that you can effortlessly add to an otherwise summer-appropriate outfit,” says Tabora. “Wearing lush fabrics such as velvet and fur will also keep you warm in the fall.” A leather jacket will go with almost everything in your closet.

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Socks get in on the action, too

Glittery shoes and boots were seen on every major runway—an unexpected and inexpensive way to incorporate the trend into your look is with a thin pair of sparkly socks. Wear them to transition everything from slip-on flats to traditional pumps from summer to fall.

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Structured by design

Small, structured bags are the biggest accessories trend for fall 2017. The boxier the bag, the better. Look for luxe fabrics, like textured leather, and top carry handles for a better grip on these square bags.

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