10 Tips to Maintaining a Healthy Scalp

You might not realize that if you’re experiencing problems with your hair, the problem often really comes from the scalp. Your scalp is actually an extension of your face, but because it’s covered up with hair, we tend not to think about it as being as important. We all have routines for our facial skin, so why not have one for your scalp skin as well?

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I’m a field Signature Artist with Wella and Nioxin. I’ve had the opportunity to work at New York Fashion Week, I have won a Trendvision Gold Award for Color, and I’ve travelled to Monaco to compete in the “worlds”. I have trained as an artist in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. As a Nioxin expert, I have helped many men and woman with their scalp and thinning hair issues. There is nothing more satisfying then helping woman feel beautiful, even when they feel their hair does not have a chance.

I would like to share my tips on maintaining a healthy scalp, so you can start taking care of your hair issues right away. Even if your scalp is healthy, it’s still a good idea to maintain it regularly to keep it that way.

1. Cleansing the Scalp

It’s important to find the right shampoo to cleanse your scalp properly. I recommend Nioxin. There are six different systems, and finding the right one for you is key. Nioxin is a deep follicle cleanser and shampoo that is safe to use every day. Although you may not feel you need to wash your hair every day, it is important to shampoo more frequently if you are experiencing scalp issues or thinning issues. (After all, we wash our face every day, don’t we?) The only reason not to wash your hair as often is if you use a lot of hot tools or do a lot of heat styling; styling every day can damage the hair.

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2. Condition The Scalp

Conditioner is not just for your hair; it is also for your scalp. You need to keep your scalp skin hydrated to prevent dryness. However, it is important to find the right conditioner for the scalp that will not weigh your hair down or cause the scalp to become greasy.  Nioxin Scalp Therapy is a conditioner specially designed for scalp hair. It keeps the hair healthy and scalp moisturized, especially during the cold winter months.

3. Use The Right Styling Products

Many styling products contain heavy silicones that can plug up the hair follicles and cause build-up on the scalp, which prevents your hair from growing out strong and full. I would recommend if you are trying to maintain a healthy scalp to find out what’s in the products you are using. Nioxin has a selection of styling products that work to help keep your hair styled and your scalp healthy.

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4. Exfoliate Your Scalp

If you really want Nioxin Shampoo or Cleanser to do its job, it’s important to prep the scalp skin for a deep clean. Dry skin and build-up can also plug the pores on your scalp. To enable Nioxin Cleanser to work to its optimum, Nioxin has just launched an exfoliator to add to your regimen.

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5. Brush your Hair and Scalp

It’s important to brush the hair and scalp. This stimulates blood flow, to promote a healthy scalp. Brushing also removes product debris on the days you do not want to wash your hair and scalp. However, if your hair is fragile and fine, make sure you use a soft bristle brush, to avoid breakage.

6. UV Protectant

Just like your face and body skin, your scalp also needs protecting from the sun. I recommend Therm Activ Protector from Nioxin, to protect the hair and scalp from sun and heat damage. Also, look for hair products that have UV protectant in them. If you can see a lot of your scalp, I also recommend using a light spray of sunscreen with at least 15 SPF on the scalp. This should be shampooed out at the end of the day to avoid clogging the hair follicles.

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7. Maintain a Healthy Diet

As you have probably heard before, what you put in your body affects your skin as well as your scalp. Maintain a healthy diet by eating foods enriched in Vitamin A, B, C, D, and E. Iron is also an important supplement in hair growth. If you feel you do not get enough of these vitamins daily, talk to your doctor about which supplements you should take.

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8. Hydration

Drinking at least eight glasses of water (2 litres) per day helps maintain not only your overall health, but also skin health. Your scalp health will also not be best when you are dehydrated. I find keeping a bottle beside me throughout the day helps me remember to drink it.

9. Do Deep Treatments

It’s always a good idea to do a regular deep treatment on the hair and scalp. This keeps your roots at the scalp growing strong and your hair at its best. Have you ever had an on-scalp facial before? Nioxin offers an in-salon treatment called Scalp Renew. This helps to do an even deeper clean in the hair follicles, and feels heavenly! Because it’s a deeper scalp treatment, this service is only recommended every 30-45 days. But trust me, you will want it more often.

10. Nioxin is For Everyone

Taking care of your scalp and hair is important; waiting till you have a scalp issue or a thinning issue to find a solution is not always best. Did you know that you can use Nioxin as a preventive? Even young men who do not have a thinning issue are wise to start using it to prevent future issues. Women during pregnancy may start using a system kit right away to help with hair loss after the baby is born. Even some of my clients with healthy scalp and hair choose Nioxin so they can keep it that way. But if you feel you have a scalp or thinning hair issue, turn to Nioxin to help. Healthy hair starts at the scalp.



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