Bruise Treatment and Causes

A blow to the body with a hard object, a fall or other physical trauma will result in bruising or contusion. Bruises can range from a small, bluish mark, in the case of minor bruises, to large, black swellings in more severe cases.

Bruise Treatment and Causes


  • • A bump or swelling
  • • Redness or a bluish colour, with a burning pain
  • • Colour fades to yellow as the bruise gradually heals
  • • Accumulation of blood in pockets beneath the skin

Consult Your Doctor

  • • It is recommended that you consult a doctor if you are worried about any bruising, or feel that it may be accompanied by a fracture or sprain, or if the bruising is on the abdomen and is the result of a severe impact (such as a car crash).
  • • A doctor should also intervene if the swelling does not go down, or if bruising is extensive.
  • • Unexplained bruising, or bruising that occurs after very mild trauma, may be symptomatic of a bleeding disorder, and should be medically investigated.

Causes of Bruises

The underlying tissues or deeper layers of skin at the site of a bruise become swollen and taut because of the accumulation of blood that has leaked from damaged blood vessels.


For internal usage:

To encourage healing and address inflammation

PINEAPPLE Bromelain tablets, capsules, up to 2 g per day in divided doses before meals.

To aid circulation and protect blood vessels

HORSECHESTNUT Tablets, 1.5 g dried seed equivalent, standardised for aescin content. Take 2-3 tablets a day with meals.

GRAPE SEED Tablets, capsules, up to 24 g dried seed equivalent per day, standardised for anthocyanidin content.

GINKGO Tablets, up to 2 g, standardised for ginkgo flavone glycosides, and ginkgolides and bilobalide. Take up to three times a day. (See Cautions, p. 102.)

GREEN TEA Capsules, up to 500 mg extract, standardised for EGCG content. Take according to manufacturer’s instructions.


ARNICA Cream, gently massage arnica cream or gel into the affected area two or three times a day.

WITCH HAZEL Apply a witch hazel-based ointment or gel once or twice a day, or as directed.

HORSECHESTNUT Apply a horsechestnut-based cream or gel three or four times a day, as directed on label.

Other Bruise Treatments

  • • Place an ice pack on the affected area.
  • • Take a bath of salt water.

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