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4 Ways to Prevent Burns

Every year, severe injuries and deaths occur as a result of burns and scalds. Many of the victims are children-it’s their inquisitiveness that often gets them in trouble. They find matches or get too close to portable heaters or hot stoves. Injuries can be prevented with close supervision and by following some of these tips.

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Children can easily burn themselves or start fires by playing with matches.

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Burns from Hot Liquids

Burns from Hot Liquids

  • When giving kids a bath, always turn the cold water on first, then the hot. (Teach kids to do the same.) Be sure to test the water before allowing your child to get in the tub or shower. Consider adjusting your hot water heater to a maximum temperature of 49°C or 120°F.
  • Don’t carry or hold a child when you have a hot beverage in your hand. And don’t leave cups sitting at the edge of a table or counter where kids might be able to knock them over
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Burns from Household Appliances

Burns from Household Appliances

  • When cooking, turn pot handles towards the centre or back of the stove so kids can’t reach them and so that you don’t knock them off or catch clothing on them.
  • Tuck cords for kettles, fryers, steam irons and other appliances out of the reach of children, and where you won’t trip over them.
  • Be aware that light bulbs can become hot enough to burn. Watch children carefully around lamps with accessible bulbs.
  • Keep children and loose clothing away from heaters, including portable ones.
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Burns From Lighters and Matches

Burns From Lighters and Matches

Kids playing with lighters or matches cause hundreds of fires each year. Disposable lighters sold by retailers must be child-resistant; but child-resistant does not mean childproof. Follow these tips:

  • Store lighters out of sight; don’t leave them unattended with the reach of a child.
  • Teach children that lighters and matches are not toys.
  • Set a good example: always use lighters and matches responsibly.
  • Supervise children’s play.
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Educate Yourself

Educate Yourself

For information on burns, fire prevention and safety, contact your local fire department or the fire marshal or commissioner in your area. You can also try these links for further information: