Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and it’s a great time for women all over the world to not only join the fight against this disease, but to learn more about it. This information page has everything you need to know about early detection, prevention and the ways you can help support the cause.

Support the Cause: Shop Pink

During October, Breast Cancer Awareness month, many Canadian companies sell “pink ribbon” products to help support worthy organizations’ work in the fight against breast cancer. Here are some great products that you can purchase to contribute.

Breast Self-Exams: One Way to Detect Breast Cancer

Early detection is your best ally in the fight against breast cancer. Self-exams – along with clinical breast exams and mammography – raise your awareness of your breast health. Find out more about breast familiarity and review self-exam techniques.

Cancer-Fighting Foods

One woman in nine will develop breast cancer over her lifetime. However, a healthy diet can reduce your risk of developing the disease by 40 to 60 percent. Get familiar with the nutritional allies in the fight against breast cancer and minimize your risk.

Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines

Since so many types of cancers are now curable when found at early stages, having regular physical exams and screening tests is critical. Here’s what you need to know about breast cancer screening.

Putting the Club to Breast Cancer

Golfers across Canada are raising their clubs and teeing off to raise funds for cancer research.

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