Nutritional Supplements for Diabetics

Looking closer at your daily nutrition intake could make a world of difference for your glucose levels.

Nutritional Supplements for Diabetics

All those vegetables you’re eating will probably mean you’re getting more nutrients than just about anybody else you know. Despite that, some micronutrients may be worth taking in supplement form when you have type 2 diabetes.

Micronutrients are substances that the body needs in only very small amounts but have powerful (though often subtle) effects. Many are involved with metabolism, and being even moderately deficient in them may contribute to chronic diseases. Getting more of certain micronutrients appears to help control diabetes. People with diabetes may be low in some of these because frequent urination may flush them from the body quickly.

Do you need more micronutrients? Because they’re poorly understood, it’s difficult to say for sure. That’s one reason it makes sense to take a daily multivitamin that ensures you get at least the minimal amounts researchers believe you need to keep your body healthy. Beyond that, supplemental doses of specific micronutrients that aren’t found in most multivitamins may help keep your glucose under better control.

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