Not feeling well? Learn how to spot the signs of various health conditions, as well as the latest in prevention, treatment, and home remedies to jump start your recovery.

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Silent Signs of Acid Reflux You Might Be Ignoring

Acid reflux can masquerade as everything from a cold to poor dental hygiene. If you notice any of the following GERD signs, especially if you get typical heartburn symptoms, talk to your doctor.

These People Are Most at Risk For Gallstones

In 75 per cent of cases, gallstones don't cause any symptoms. However, if a troublesome case is left untreated, they...

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8 Home Remedies for Nausea Relief

Feeling queasy? Whether it's motion sickness, the side effect of a medication or the dreaded flu, these kitchen cabinet cures...

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12 Surprising Things Your Bad Breath Is Trying to Tell You

Got dragon breath (again)? Here's what your halitosis could mean for your health.

Top 5 Tips to Survive Heavy, Tired Legs This Summer

While summer is the time to get outside and enjoy the weather for many, some find symptoms of chronic venous...

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7 Signs You Might Not Be Eating Enough Protein

Your body has ways of telling you that you’re not getting enough protein in your daily diet. But are you...

Why This Woman Suffered an Allergic Reaction to Essential Oils

Janice Brisco feared the swollen bumps on her skin would become debilitating. Could her doctors find the cause?

This Young Woman Thought She Had a UTI—Then Her Kidneys Started Failing

Read the fascinating true story of how doctors stopped at nothing to solve a terrifying medical mystery.

6 Signs You’re Not Getting Enough Sunlight

Sunlight can impact everything from your mood to your weight, which is why it's so important to get safe exposure.

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Do You Tend to Bruise Easily? Here Are the Likely Reasons Why

Those black and blue marks can say a lot about your health.

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10 Stomach Pains You Should Never Ignore

Check our symptom sorter to find out if the pain in your gut is more than just common cramps.

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This Toronto Man Had a Headache For 12 Years—But One Doctor Wouldn’t Give Up on a Cure

An experimental procedure turned out to be the secret to ending his headache nightmare.

Heartburn Is on the Rise in Canada. Here’s How You Can Avoid It

More stress brings more heartburn, but there are easy ways to beat it.

The Chronic Disease Affecting Millions of Canadians

What to know about COPD and how to manage symptoms.

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42 Strange Symptoms That Can Signal a Serious Disease

So often your lumps, bumps, rashes, and red spots are harmless. Occasionally, they're a sign of something far more serious....

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The Best Home Remedies to Relieve Foot Pain

Suffering from sore, aching feet? Try these do-it-yourself strategies for foot pain relief.

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14 Signs You Have Impostor Syndrome—and How to Deal With It

Feel like a fraud? You might have impostor syndrome. Here's the definition of impostor syndrome, plus tips on how to...

What You Need to Know About Blood Clots and COVID-19 Vaccines

Concerned about the risk of blood clots associated with the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine? Canadian medical experts shed light on the...

Anxiety Is On the Rise During COVID-19. Here’s What You Can Do to Help Ease It

Compounding crises have made everyone anxious, but how do you know if you’ve slipped into a more serious disorder—and what...

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How to Treat and Cure Athlete’s Foot

Despite the name, you don't have to work out to get athlete's foot. Here's how to kick this fairly common...

Why City Noise Is Bad for Your Health

Background noise—from traffic, from industry—is killing us. Here’s what you can do about it.

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30+ Things Doctors Wish You Knew About Arthritis

For starters: This painful joint disease is actually a collection of more than 100 ailments—and it affects people of all...

This Woman’s Deteriorating Vision Puzzled Doctors. Was a Parasite to Blame?

Nida Shahzeb was frantically reading everything she could find online about eye diseases. “All day long I was worried about...

The COVID-19 Side Effect That Distorts Your Sense of Smell

If pleasant odours now smell like rotting garbage, you could have parosmia—a condition linked to COVID-19. Here's how long it...

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8 Signs You Could Have High-Functioning Depression

Just because you're not too sad and listless to get out of bed doesn't mean you may not be depressed....

Magic Mushrooms May Help People with Terminal Cancer

Hallucinogens are the next medical frontier. Believers claim they can cure everything from pain and depression to obesity and addictions.