Not feeling well? Learn how to spot the signs of various health conditions, as well as the latest in prevention, treatment, and home remedies to jump start your recovery.

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Sore Feet All The Time? Here’s What You Need To Know

Suffering from achey feet day and night can be frustrating—and not to mention painful. Here's how you can pick the...

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Why Binge Drinking is on the Rise in Canada—and Why It’s So Dangerous

More than 15 per cent of Canadians are regularly bingeing on booze. We take stock of the causes, the risks...

6 Warning Signs of Binge Drinking

Dangerous drinking is on the rise with more than 15 per cent of Canadians regularly bingeing on booze. Are you...

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The Best Home Remedies to Relieve Foot Pain

Suffering from sore, aching feet? Try these do-it-yourself strategies for foot pain relief.

How Cognitive Tests Strip Seniors of Their Rights

If you fail a mental capacity test, your province can sell your home, manage your money and lock you in...

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What Happens to Your Body When You Hold in a Fart

Holding in flatulence may be more socially acceptable than letting it go, but it can lead to bloating, pain, and, in...

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Tendinopathy vs. Bursitis: How to Tell the Difference

Although both conditions are caused by repetitive strain, the similarities end there.

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20 Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

Our bodies are always surprising us with new spots, bumps and aches. Here's when you should worry.

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Doctors Thought This Young Girl Had Simply Pulled a Muscle—Days Later, She Was in the ER Screaming

Even after they'd ruled out appendicitis or a potential sports injury, 10-year-old Sophie remained wracked with pain.

Making an Invisible Disease Visible

The AbbVie IBD Scholarship is about more than financial support. It’s about being seen.

Don’t Let IBD Get Ahead of You

Get informed and play an active role.

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10 Silent Signs of Kidney Cancer You Might Be Ignoring

Around 7,500 new cases of kidney cancer are diagnosed each year, according to the Canadian Cancer Society. Here's how to...

What Doctors Found Inside This Woman’s Eye is the Stuff of Nightmares

She assumed her eye was tired, but the next morning, the problem was still there: greyed-out spots in her central...

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13 Signs You Could Have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

If you’ve ever been through something dangerous, shocking, extremely unsafe or life-threatening, look out for these subtle changes in your...

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Experts Say These Strategies Can Help Prevent Breast Cancer

Research suggests as many as 50% of all cases of breast cancer in Canada are linked to factors within our...

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13 Signs of Cancer Men Are Likely to Ignore

Many men’s cancer symptoms can mimic other diseases or conditions—and many men are notorious for delaying doctors’ visits—so it’s easy...

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What You Need to Know About Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

Here's everything you need to know about inflammatory bowel disease, including what symptoms to look out for and how it...

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11 Natural Remedies For Hair Loss To Try At Home

You can try these natural remedies for hair loss from the comfort of your own home, and the best part...

What You Need To Know About Adult-Onset Allergies

Adult-onset allergies can strike at any time—even if you've never had one before. We chatted with the experts to find...

For 20 Years, This Woman’s Mysterious Fainting Spells Stumped Doctors

After consulting hundreds of medical professionals over two decades, Kim Ryberg eventually turned to Google, where she found others suffering...

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Everything You Need to Know About Colorectal Cancer in Canada

Screening for colorectal cancer can save your life. Here’s what you need to know about the most commonly-diagnosed form of...

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5 Surprising Causes of Chronic Back Pain (And How to Find Relief)

We all know bad posture can cause our backs to seize up, but what about these common factors?

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6 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Risk For Osteoporosis

Boost bone health by making a few simple tweaks to your daily routine.

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12 Silent Signs of Adult ADHD You Might Be Ignoring

It's estimated that more than a million Canadian adults have ADHD, but few get diagnosed or treated for the condition....

What Was Eating Away at This Young Woman’s Sternum?

27-year-old Amber was worried her chest pain was a sign of cancer. What the MRI revealed threw her—and her...

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7 Early Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms Besides Tremors

Early Parkinson's disease symptoms can be hard to spot, so visit your doctor if you're experiencing several of these often-overlooked...

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7 Things Your Burps Can Reveal About Your Health

While most burping is perfectly normal, sometimes it can also be the sign of a medical issue. Find out what...