5 Ways to Turn Cooking Into a Workout

Make cooking an easy, everyday workout by adjusting your gear, your food supplies, and your storage. Here are some simple strategies.

1. Cut Smart

Switch your primary cooking knife to a cleaver. It’s heavier, giving your hands, wrists, and forearms a better workout while chopping.

2. Cook In Cast-Iron

Switch to cast-iron skillets and soup pots. Again, they are much heavier to lift (plus, they cook terrifically well).

3. Buy Family-Size Drinks

Buy milk and other drinks in larger containers. This turns pouring into an exercise.

4. Use Smart Storage Tactics

Defy wisdom and put the pantry and cooking items you use most either very high or very low. Stretch slowly and deliberately as you reach up or squat down for items.

5. Toss Your Food

Learn the master-chef trick of tossing your food while it cooks, rather than stirring. This means picking up your sauté pan by the handle and literally tossing the ingredients up in the air to turn them. It takes a lot more strength than mixing the food around with a spoon, and it looks impressive to those watching you cook!

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