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6 Ways to Get Outside On a Workday

Most of us spend half of our waking weekday hours cooped up inside – or at least know someone who does. What’s more, after clocking out from work, some people find themselves rushing home to continue their at-home “to-do” lists, finding little time for a real breather. Here are six ways to sneak some fresh air into your every day routine without breaking the bank or your schedule.

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1. Go For a Walk

1. Go For a Walk

Plan to spend one evening a week going for a walk around your neighbourhood – rain, snow, or shine. No excuses! And bring a loved one with you if they’re up to it. You’re more likely to stick to this routine if you have someone to support you.

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2. Eat Lunch in the Park

2. Eat Lunch in the Park

Pack a lunch and find a park bench or a table outside, near your workplace. If you find that your sandwich is soaking up the rain, move to a nearby café and order a warm beverage (and eat your lunch at your desk later, if company policy permits).

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3. Walk a Dog - Any Dog!

3. Walk a Dog – Any Dog!

Does your family fight over who doesn’t have to walk the dog? Opt for being the one to take Fido out (in return for someone else doing a boring indoor chore.) If you don’t have a dog, do your neighbour a favour, or look into volunteering every once in a while at your local animal shelter.

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4. Extend the Commute

4. Extend the Commute

Consider tacking on 15 to 20 minutes to your commute in order to pencil in a stroll or a bike ride. Not a morning person? Try it on the way home from work instead. You may find it comforting and peaceful to be alone with your thoughts every once in a while, especially if you have just had a particularly long or stressful workday.

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5. Have a Meal Outdoors

5. Have a Meal Outdoors

Consider setting the table for dinner outside, which is especially easy if you have a porch, a balcony or a covered terrace. If not, consider an outing with the family to the park with some home-delivered pizzas or go out for dessert.

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6. If All Else Fails...

6. If All Else Fails…

Roll down the car window as a reminder to try again next time. Even a little breeze and fresh air can do wonders.