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5 Things for Toned Arms

With the warmer weather, we’d like to shed our coats and long sleeve shirts and enjoy the sunshine. But our arms might not be ready for the sun just yet. The good news is that you can strengthen and tone your arms while doing everyday activities.

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Hang Clothes to Dry

You’ll save money on your electric bill and get in a mild arm workout at the same time, particularly if the clothesline is above your head. As you carry the laundry basket to the clothesline, curl it up and down, bringing your hands to your shoulders. You can also press it overhead, bending and then extending your elbows, to build some extra strength.

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Get Your Water From a Pitcher

Pour water out of the largest possible container you can handle, such as a large jug or pitcher. Water is surprisingly heavy – one litre is one kilogram. So lifting, carrying, pouring, and returning a four-litre water vessel gives your arm a real workout. Plus, four litres is roughly how much water you need to drink in a typical day to stay hydrated. If using a closed jug, curl the container five times-by bending your elbow and bringing your hand to your shoulder-before pouring.

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Stop Using Weed Killer on Your Garden

Weeds might grow with wild abandon. And that’s good, because your job is to get down on your hands and knees once a week to rip weeds out of the ground. Leaning onto your hands as you weed will build arm, shoulder, and upper back strength, and yanking the weeds provides an extra dollop of arm-building strength. Alternate hands as you reach and pull so you work both arms equally.

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Curl Your Groceries

When you arrive home from the grocery store, carry one bag in each hand. As you walk from the car to the kitchen, curl your groceries by lifting your hands toward your shoulders, keeping your elbows close to your sides. By the time you bring in all of the bags of groceries, you’ll have completely fatigued your biceps-and you’ll have burned some extra calories by making the extra trips to and from the car.

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Cut With a Cleaver

Use a large cleaver for your everyday chopping and cooking. Professional chefs love cleavers for their heft, weight, and super-sharp, slightly rounded edge. We love them because they are heavy and give your hand and arm a great workout while you cook.