Jumping for Jukari

Cirque du Soleil performers wow audiences all the time with their breathtaking movements which require much muscle strength and endurance. Now you too can twist, bend and hop around with the newest fitness craze to hit the gym: jukari.

Cirque du Soleil and Reebok have joined forces to create a fitness workout that’s reminiscent of those childhood days when you soared on the backyard swing set. A trained instructor leads participants through a session of “jukari”-a circus-inspired activity that combines strength, endurance and cardio training-to the beat of invigorating music.

What’s Involved in Jukari?

With the jukari “flyset”-cables that hang from the ceiling and pivot 360 degrees, with adjustable loops and a steel-bar attachment-the routines are ever changing. So get ready to hop, balance, twist and turn.

What Are the Benefits?

Besides having fun, participants build muscle mass and improve balance and flexibility. Jukari is available in 14 cities worldwide, including New York, Buenos Aires and Montreal.

This Sounds Fun! How Do I Sign Up for Classes?

To see video footage of a jukari workout, and to request jukari classes for your gym, visit Reebok’s jukari website.

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