Get Rid of Acne Naturally

The simplest form of acne affects around 90 per cent of adolescents, appearing as red or white pimples and blackheads that can leave temporary scars on the face, chest and back. More serious forms leave the face pockmarked. A rare form is fulminant acne, that combines fever with pain in the joints and muscles.

Get Rid of Acne Naturally

Acne Symptoms

  • • Greasy look to the face, chest, back and scalp
  • • Appearance of blackheads
  • • Presence of whiteheads, in which the follicle opening is clogged with trapped sebum and sealed by normal-coloured skin, resulting in infection and inflammation.
  • • Acne may worsen premenstrually

Acne Causes

During adolescence, the oil-producing glands in the skin produce increased amounts of sebum, the oily secretion that protects and lubricates the skin. Acne occurs when sebum blocks the sebaceous ducts, forming a plug. Then bacteria on the surface of, or just beneath, the skin start to proliferate.

The eruption of acne is activated by heat, after exposure to the sun (which may seem to improve the condition of skin but in reality has a negative effect), or before periods in women. It can also be triggered by some medicines, such as certain corticosteroids, hormonal treatments, the contraceptive pill, anti-epileptic drugs and antidepressants.

Natural Remedies

For internal usage:

DANDELION Liquid extract, 500 mg-1 g dried root equivalent, three times a day.

BURDOCK Liquid extract, 500 mg-1.5 g dried root equivalent, three times a day.

YELLOW DOCK Liquid extract, 2-4 g dried root equivalent, three times a day.

CLEAVERS Liquid extract, 2-4 g dried plant equivalent, three times a day.

For external application:

ALOE VERA Gel, apply aloe vera gel twice a day, as directed on the label.

LAVENDER Add 3 drops of the essential oil to 10 ml carrier oil. Apply to the affected area three times a week, in the early evening.

CALENDULA Infuse 5 g dried flower heads in 1 litre of boiling water for 5 minutes. Cool, strain and apply to the affected area as a compress three times a day. Alternatively, apply a calendula-based cream as directed on the label.

NETTLE 20 g dried herb boiled in 750 ml water until it is reduced to roughly 500 ml. Strain, cool and use to wash the face once a day, three times a week.

Other measures

  • • Cleanse the skin in the morning and evening with gentle, non-aggressive products. Try to avoid soap, instead using just plain warm water.
  • • Never squeeze the pimples.
  • • Avoid very greasy cosmetics and moisturisers – look for oil-free formulations.
  • • Avoid topical astringents, as they only encourage the skin to produce yet more oil.
  • • Supplementation with zinc and vitamin A may help to balance sebum production and reduce scarring.

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