How to Alleviate Body Aches and Pains—And Prevent Them from Returning

Whether your back aches from sitting at your computer all day or you’re experiencing mobility issues as you age, chiropractic care can treat the discomfort and keep you moving and feeling your best.

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When was the last time you checked in with your body? Let’s try a little exercise: Sit up straight, lower your shoulders, unclench your jaw, relax your limbs. Hopefully, you feel a lot better. Not quite? Perhaps you feel an ache somewhere in your body, or perhaps you’re one of 8 million Canadians who suffer from chronic pain. Here’s some good news: Those aches and pains can be alleviated with a treatment you’ve certainly heard of, but may just not know enough about.

“Chiropractors help ease Canadians’ pain, enabling them to live the active, pain-free lives they want,” says Dr. Ayla Azad, a chiropractor from Ajax, Ontario. “We focus on your spine, muscle, nervous system and treat the bones, muscles, soft tissues, and joints that you use every day.”

Chiropractic care is a non-invasive and drug-free practice that uses hands-on methods to diagnose and treat pain, correct joint motion, and restore proper movement. It aims to improve the body’s overall function to prevent pain from returning—or even starting—so people can feel their best.

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In 2019, 4.7 million Canadians visited one of Canada’s 9000 chiropractors to receive treatment for neck pain, back pain, headaches, arthritis, and injuries. The cost of chiropractic treatment varies based on factors like the type of treatment you receive and the clinic location, but it may be included in your extended healthcare coverage or insurance plan. It’s also super accessible—no referral from your doctor is necessary.

Wondering if a chiropractor could help you feel better? Chiropractic care can benefit many people, especially those outlined below:

Who You Are: Someone who spends most of their time at their computer.

You know too much screen time is bad for your eyes but sitting in front of the screen (or anywhere for a long time, for that matter) can also cause back and neck pain. What can help is taking frequent breaks to move, stand and walk around—and engaging in chiropractic treatment. This can include a chiropractor who shares a recommendation for an ergonomic office chair, uses manual techniques to mitigate pain, and introduces you to the right stretches.

“After the initial assessment, I was given direction as to how I was to get better, the approach, what I could do outside of treatments (including exercises) to better my health, and a timeline for recovery,” says Phil, a chiropractic patient from Halifax who sought treatment for back pain. “I would describe my chiropractor as a miracle worker.”

Chiropractic care may also include spinal adjustments and movements that encourage joint mobility. These treatments can help alleviate symptoms, restore function, and improve posture.

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Who You Are: Someone who’s noticing pain or mobility issues as they age.

Engaging in physical activity and stretches can help manage chronic conditions that impact most seniors. Simple movements can help improve balance, endurance, and bone strength, which can lead to a lower risk of accidents and injuries. Chiropractors can provide therapy to help soothe pain, increase range of motion and function, keep joints strong, correct posture, and improve balance. They can also advise on exercise techniques to be done at home to help in the treatment process.

Who You Are: Someone who is pregnant and uncomfortable.

Back pain is a common issue with pregnancy that can impact daily function. And it’s not surprising—a pregnant person gains an average of 30 lbs, which puts stress on the back, hips, knees, ankles, and feet. Pregnancy also causes changes to your posture, which can lead to pain in the lower back. A chiropractor can use many different manual techniques to help reduce back pain, pelvic pain, soothe achy muscles and even relieve fatigue. They can also recommend certain exercises and stretches to pregnant people to help prepare them for childbirth and aid in a speedy recovery.

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Who You Are: A fitness fan with goals to reach or an achy limb that’s hurting your performance.

A chiropractor can use joint manipulation, manual mobilization, and soft tissue therapy to help relieve pain and get range of motion back to where it was. Depending on the province, they can also use additional therapy, like acupuncture, laser and shockwave therapy to better address muscle aches.

Pain from physical activity is common—and can vary from mild to severe, acute to chronic. The pain is most commonly a result of repetitive use of a joint or muscle group, overtraining or a misstep. Such pains can include lower back pain, achy knees after an injury, a muscle strain, or an ankle sprain.

“I hurt my back playing tennis, and started seeing a chiropractor,” says Tricia, a retired police officer in Calgary who lives an active lifestyle. “I needed my back ‘fixed’ by the experts.” She says her chiropractor is able to treat her injuries so she can perform her best on the tennis court.

What’s more, a chiropractor can help improve your performance, and thereby help you reach your fitness goals. They can also help address pain that may be preventing you from reaching such goals.

Who You Are: Someone who’s had an accident and doesn’t feel the same.

Whether you’ve been in a bad accident or you’ve taken a little tumble, you may be experiencing body aches that weren’t there before. A chiropractor can use their techniques to help address what hurts, from muscles and tendons to ligaments and nerves.

Who You Are: Someone who doesn’t feel as well physically as they know they could.

Maybe it’s a backache you’re always twisting to alleviate, maybe it’s wrist pain you notice when picking up your pooch, or maybe you want to keep yourself in tip-top shape. Whatever the issue, a chiropractor can perform an assessment and suggest a treatment plan to help your body feel—or keep your body feeling—as good as possible.

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