Bring Sunshine into the Office

It’s not always easy to find the motivation to go into the office when the sun is shining outside. Got the feeling you won’t have the time to enjoy summer because you’re working? No problem! Here are some daily tricks to bring the sunshine and good vibes into the office…have a great summer!

Start Off on the Right Foot

Getting your morning off to a sunny start could affect your whole day. Take a few moments of “alone time” just before heading into the office; make yourself a delicious tropical fruit smoothie and enjoy it on the patio or balcony. Relax and feel the warmth of the sun on your skin; you’ll at least feel like you’re taking advantage of the summer sun before moving indoors for the day.

Enjoy a Frozen Treat

Why not replace your container of yogurt with a frozen yogurt bar? Sweet, frozen treats are what summer is all about, so indulge yourself and see how quickly your spirits rise while you cool down!

Take a Breather

If you’re in the habit of having lunch at your desk, break with routine and take advantage of the summer months to dine outdoors. Find a park close by where you can stretch your legs before eating, or walk to the local deli or restaurant for a sandwich to go. Getting some fresh air and a change of atmosphere will help the rest of the afternoon speed by.

Play that Funky Music

To get into the summer mood even more, why not listen to Caribbean music or whatever says “hot” to you? The right playlist will transport you out of those four walls and onto the beach.

A Tropical Breeze

All you need are a few tropical plants in your office to make your day a sunny one. And why not bring in a few fresh flowers from your garden to leave on your desk, too? Your colleagues will also appreciate the gesture. Choose the most fragrant ones, but first make sure no one in your office suffers from allergies!

Dress the Part

If you want every day to feel like a vacation, you’ll have to dress the part-within limits, of course. Wear your floral print dress and sandals to work, remembering to bring a light jacket if your office is air-conditioned.

Take a Break

The most obvious of all our tips; if you love summer and can take even a few days off, then go for it! Even one day can make a big difference. Rack up some overtime that you can use towards a day or two of vacation time. A long weekend could be just the break you need, and you’ll go back to work reenergized.

Picture Summer

What could raise your spirits higher than photos of your last vacation, or of the one you plan to take next? Besides the pleasure of daydreaming, it will also give you a renewed sense of purpose at work. A picture of the beach you plan to loll on for three weeks next summer is a great incentive, and a reminder that work can pay off in more ways than one.

Go on a Summer Schedule

When Friday afternoon rolls around, do you wish you could get out of the office earlier and take advantage of the great weather? Why not ask your boss if you can come in a half-hour early each morning and leave around 2:00 pm on Friday, getting a head start on the weekend? If she needs convincing, explain that productivity is at its weakest towards the end of the week, but strongest in the mornings. We’re confident you’ll be able to persuade her, too!

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