Neck Pain Solutions: 4 Medical Experts Give Their Best Tips

Are you suffering from neck pain? This health condition has a number of possible causes—and plenty of possible solutions.

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The Physical Therapist

A lot of neck pain comes from repeating tasks over and over, like sitting in front of a computer or carrying heavy bags. This can weaken the muscles. Set up your workstation so the top of the monitor is roughly even with the top of your head, and get a chair with good back support. Get up every half hour for 15 seconds. Self-massage may help, too.

The Acupuncturist

Acupuncture gets the energy and blood flowing more smoothly, and works well for neck pain. An acupuncturist may place needles in the base of your head, on the tops of your shoulders or even in your hands and ankles. And it’s fast-acting: You may feel relief in just one to three sessions. (Check out the surprising science behind the healing power of touch.)

The Nutritionist

The things that ease arthritis pain may work for the neck, too, since they help fight inflammation, the source of some neck aches. Ask your doctor about fish oil, magnesium and the supplement boswellia. Ask about vitamin B12 injections, too, which may provide some relief, though we don’t really know why. (This easy chart will tell you which fish have the most omega-3s.)

The Neurosurgeon

First we rule out red flags like trauma, cancer and infection. If something specific caused the pain, it should go away with rest, judicious use of anti-inflammatories and posture changes. If you’ve had the problem for a while, you may need a diagnostic evaluation (MRI, X-ray, injections) to find the cause (a degenerated disk, an arthritic bone spur). Surgery is the last resort, since it’s the riskiest treatment.

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