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How to Fight Energy Vampires

We’ve all dealt with people who put a strain on us emotionally. Read on to find out how to handle these energy vampires when they come your way.

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They’re everywhere-people who make themselves feel better at our expense. “But if we’re prepared, they won’t have power over us,” says Judith Orloff, psychiatrist and author of Positive Energy. Here’s how to deflect the vampires as they strike:

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Constant Talker

Constant Talker

Scenario: Your airplane seatmate wants to talk politics-for the whole flight.
Solution: Say, “That’s interesting, but I hope you understand this is my time to relax. I need to read now.”

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The Drama Queen

The Drama Queen

Scenario: To your co-worker, losing $1 in the vending machine is the end of the world.
Solution: Say, “I’m sorry that happened-I hope you can work it out-but I need to get back to work.”

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Knife Twister

Knife Twister

Scenario: A “friend” consoles you after a bad date, saying, “Maybe you’re setting your sights too high.”
Solution: Minimize contact with that person. At the least, tell her, “That was hurtful. Please don’t say things like that to me.” Then recognize the insults for the insecurity that they show