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5 Surprising Tricks to Fight Off Sleep and Stay Awake

When you're low on rest and aren't sure how to stay awake, use these simple tips.

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You can’t always avoid feeling tired

There are ideals and then there’s real life. In truth, you will at times find yourself tired but still obligated to stay alert. Here’s how to stay awake and make those moments as painless as possible.

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Play music

This brain hack works best if you opt for something cheery, with a beat that’s strong and fast but not exhausting (100 to 130 beats per minute).

Scientists say these songs will give you the best night’s sleep!

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Go outside or place yourself near a bright light

Your body takes its sleep-wake cues from light. If it’s not high noon on a sunny day, fool your system into thinking it is.

Research suggests these simple tweaks can help you become a morning person.

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Drink water

Dehydration increases sleepiness. Keeping yourself hydrated can help to curb fatigue.

Here’s how much water you need to drink to stay hydrated.

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Aerobic activity pumps oxygen through your system and releases hormones that give you energy.

Try these morning brain exercises to clear your mind.

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Stimulate your mind

Boredom promotes fatigue. Start a conversation or read an article about a topic that interests you.

Next, check out these daily habits for better sleep.

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