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Roberto Alomar’s 4 Secrets to Staying Young

Want to beat the clock? Take a few cues from legendary Toronto Blue Jays second baseman, Roberto Alomar, who remains fresh-faced and fit as ever at age 48.

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Roberto Alomar, age 48Photo: Rob Lopez

Ever notice that Roberto Alomar hasn’t really aged?

There’s no such thing as the fountain of youth, but Father Time certainly seems to be gentler on some than he is on others.

Take Roberto Alomar, for instance. Now age 48, the Hall of Fame second-baseman who played his career-defining years for the Toronto Blue Jays could easily pass as a decade younger.

You might think that professional athletes, with their superior conditioning and physical fitness, would fare better than most in their later years. On the other hand, a routine of intense physical competition can be punishing on an athlete’s body over time.

On top of the daily grind of the baseball season, Alomar’s playing style-which involved plenty of diving, sliding and sacrificing his body to make a play-placed a huge amount of stress on his joints. “When you played here in Toronto, you’d get a lot of aches and pains on the artificial turf,” Alomar recalls. “There was only one inch of padding, so you were really playing on cement.”

Against the odds, Alomar continues to be the picture of health in his late 40s. We sat down with the two-time World Series champ to suss out his secrets to staying youthful.

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Man running on beachPhoto: ShutterStock

1. Keep Active

A Major League Baseball player’s schedule is nothing short of grueling. When you’re playing 162 games with very few days off, not to mention spring training and pre-season exhibition games and potentially playoffs after the season, staying active comes with the territory. The challenge, says Alomar, is to keep that momentum going in your later years.

Even though his playing days are over, the four-time Silver Slugger and 10-time Gold Glover is continually on the move, keeping busy in the Toronto Blue Jays minor league organization as well as working with the Blue Jays Honda Super Camps. What’s more, he says he spends plenty of time running after his two-year-old daughter. “That’s how I stay in shape,” he laughs.

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Healthy foodPhoto: ShutterStock

2. Eat right

Food is fuel for your body, and Alomar attributes much of his lasting health to making nutritious choices at mealtimes. Relying heavily on dishes and ingredients popular in his native Puerto Rico, Alomar tends to favour fish over red meat (“I’m not much of a meat eater,” he admits), with vegetables, rice and beans also in heavy rotation.

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3. Be Happy

A smile can take years off of your appearance-and Alomar’s had a lot to smile about in his 48 years. Not only did he live out his dream by turning his passion for baseball into a lifelong career, but he did so at a very high level, making 12 All-Star teams in total. “Doing something that you love doing helps you stay young,” he says.

Nowadays, Alomar says his happiness has a lot to do with his wife, Kim,-whom he married at Toronto’s Art Gallery of Ontario in 2012-and his two daughters.

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Man relaxing listening to music on headphonesPhoto: ShutterStock

4. Reduce stress

You can’t prevent stress. You can, however, deal with it in a healthy way-a strategy that’s another key to living a long and healthy life. Alomar says that when he feels stressed, he’ll often retire to a room by himself and listen to music. He finds salsa, merengue and reggaeton particularly effective at melting away tension.

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