Discover the latest health news, along with practical tips on how to adopt a healthy lifestyle by improving your diet and moving more. From proven home remedies to advice on managing and preventing chronic health conditions, we’ll keep you looking and feeling your best.

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Staying Sane at Family Functions

Ah, the holidays! A time for family get-togethers, where spirits run high and tension can take its toll. Find out...

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All-Natural Memory Boosters

Wish you had the memory of an elephant? Try eating gotu kola, one of an elephant's favourite foods. Read on...

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Sweat: It’s Good for What Ails You

Need more incentive before you put on your sneakers and dust off your stationary bike? An active lifestyle can prevent...

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5 Ways to Turn Cooking Into a Workout

Make cooking an easy, everyday workout by adjusting your gear, your food supplies, and your storage. Here are some simple...

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After He Cheats

It is estimated that 60% of men have extramarital affairs, leaving more than half of all women in relationships hurt and confused....

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How to Get Pregnant: For Gals and Guys

It takes two to be fertile. Here's what you and your partner can do to boost your chances of conceiving,...

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Brain Drain: Fact or Fiction?

Mental decline is part of aging, right? Wrong! US McArthur Foundation studies on aging have overturned much of the standard...

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Bring Sunshine into the Office

It's not always easy to find the motivation to go into the office when the sun is shining outside. Got...

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Heal Your Home

If you live in a tightly sealed, energy-efficient home airborne toxins can quickly build up. Here’s how to make your...

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Healthy Eating Obsession

Eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia are well-known to most of us, but how many know about the latest-orthorexia? This...

12 Ways to Look, Feel and Think Younger

Making small changes in your routine is all it takes to slow the hands of time. Start with these strategies...

5 Ways To Get Your Junior Couch Potato Moving

Our kids are getting too much screen time and not enough play time. Help your kids to get moving so...

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Distracted, Impatient, Disorganized

Though common, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can go undiagnosed in children—and adults—for years. And its effects can be serious.

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Make Work Better

There's no need to suffer for a regular paycheque. If your job is overly demanding, here are some simple tips...

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10 Ways To Train Your Brain

Are your recollections getting fuzzy? Try these tricks to stimulate your brain, get a clearer picture and sharpen your memory.

The Breast Protection: What YOU Can Do

All women run the risk of developing breast cancer, but you can minimize your chances by staying informed and making...

The Latest Word on Breast Cancer

This year, more than 22,000 Canadian women were diagnosed with breast cancer. That's a pretty frightening statistic, but advances in...

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A Healthy Home and Garden

Our homes and gardens are our last refuge from the stresses of the world, but they are not always safe...

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Calm Workday Chaos

Every desk job gets hectic and hard to manage. Here’s how to cope with workplace madness at your office. 

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6 Ways To Avoid Lower Back Pain

Have a backache? Here are six tips to help you avoid lower back pain and back injury.  

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10 Ways to Work Smarter, Not Harder

Feeling overwhelmed at work? Here are 10 tips to help you stay on top of your work and in charge...

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Home Remedies for Campers

Do bites, scrapes and sunburn put a damper on your love for the great outdoors? Try these homemade concoctions to...

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9 Must-Have Massage Tips

Can't shake the kink out of your neck? Treat yourself with these self-massage tips and let the tension melt away.

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Surviving the Empty Nest

Whether it’s your first or last who’s leaving home to go to college or university, this is an emotional time....

5 Tips to Help You Care for Your Sick Child

Here are some helpful hints in dealing with a bug to help your child feel better fast.

30 Ways to Make Life with Rheumatoid Arthritis Easier

Rheumatoid arthritis can make it painful to perform everyday tasks, but you shouldn't let it stop you from living a...

How to Help With Homework

Kids think they're stressed about homework! In a cross-country survey last year, 72% of parents said  homework is a frequent...