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5 Things to Do with the Family During March Break

Stay active with your family during spring break by trying some of these exciting activities.

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Mother and daughter having fun during March BreakPhoto: Shutterstock

Create Your Own Mini-Olympics

The activities you choose will depend on if you’re poolside or if you’re at home but either way, you can have a lot of fun. If you’re at the pool, have a daily holding your breath under water competition. If you’re at home, set up a paper toss or a jumping jacks competition. It doesn’t matter what the activity, as long as everyone has a chance to be active and participate.

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Little girl on a treasure huntPhoto: Shutterstock

Go on a Treasure Hunt

Not only is this fun, it will help teach the kids about trust, teamwork and problem solving. Take them to a local park and set an expedition course on a map, circling various checkpoints. Take turns navigating to each point on the map and leading with team to each destination. Stay together and explore the park, study the clues on the map and look for the ‘secret treasure.’

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Father and young daughter dancingPhoto: Shutterstock


Take 20 minutes and let the kids pick their favourite songs, or show them one of your favourite artists, and dance, dance, dance! It’s a great way for you to engage your young ones in some physical activity. The whole family can let themselves go and dance energetically until no one is left standing!

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Organize an “Animal” Race

If you have young children aged three to eight, organize an animal race in the backyard or in an open space at home, if it’s still too cold outside. Let everyone in the family pick an animal, such as a snake, monkey or crab. Then race across the room as you imitate how that animal might move. For example, if you choose a monkey, race using your hands and feet, but not your knees or torso. If you are imitating a snake, slither across the room. Add some animal noises for real fun.

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Have an Indoor Picnic

If it’s too cold outside for a picnic, have one inside! Set up everything you’ll need, take out the picnic blanket and set up on the living room floor. Let the kids pick the menu; this type of “grazing” dinner is fun, easy and a great way to switch up the regular routine.