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9 Relationship Habits You Didn’t Know Were Normal

Are you in a normal, healthy relationship? Discover nine ‘unhealthy’ couple habits that are actually perfectly normal – in limited quantities.

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We’re all obsessed with being “normal.” In my book, a behaviour is normal as long as it won’t make you sick, isn’t sadistic, or get you arrested. It doesn’t have to be “average”-just within a range of human behavior that doesn’t doom all living things-including yourself. So, it’s “normal,” for example, to lose your temper. It’s not normal to torch your neighbour’s home (even though the thought may have entered your mind occasionally).

What’s normal in a relationship? It’s more varied than you might think. Here’s a list of common relationship issues and behaviors that some experts will tell you are abnormal, but I believe are perfectly normal.

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Long Silences

The fact that it isn’t awkward when you have nothing to say to each other is a positive sign. Over time there’s simply less that you have to say, because you already know your partner’s response! 

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Wanting Space

Only puppies want to constantly be on top of each other-and they get tired of it too. If your relationship can’t survive time apart now and then, that’s when you need to be worried.

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Ditch the Distractions

Is there anyone who hasn’t, at least once, remembered they left the car windows open when the rain, and sex, started at the same time? There’s a lot going on in our lives these days, so your thoughts are bound to wander away once in a while.

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Thinking About the One Who Got Away

Almost everyone has had a fantasy lover-either a real one that didn’t work out-or a movie star or some famous person who you dream about. Maybe it was a high-school sweetheart. There is that “What if…” thought that comes now and then, but if it isn’t a recurring dream, don’t lose sleep over it.

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Wanting to Run Away

Hey, life is sometimes just hellish or boring-or both. Or you feel underappreciated and over-worked. Sometimes you just want to chuck it all and start a new life. If this is a constant state of mind, be worried. More likely it’s just an innocent daydream.

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Being Seriously Annoyed at a Partner’s Habit

Count yourself lucky if it’s just one habit. Most people have multiple things about their partner they really can’t stand. For example: snoring, hygiene, sloppiness, or foot in mouth problems.

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Giving Off Bad Vibes to One of Your Partner’s Friends

Most good friendships are made, not inherited. There is usually at least one friend of your partner you hope will disappear.

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Exaggerating Sexual Arousal

Sometimes the mojo isn’t working; but you don’t want to hurt your partner’s feelings. Good partners tend to be kind about this sort of thing-angry partners can start the blame game.

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Maybe there are some long-term couples that have never told a lie to each other about anything-yes, conscious omissions count-but I wouldn’t make a money bet on that.

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