How to Make a Mud Pie

Making a mud pie is a skill few of us have acquired in life. Follow these easy steps to ensure you use the correct amounts of sand, water and dirt – and for tips on how to decorate your pie. Remember: Do not eat your mud pie! It is only for show.

No-Bake Mud Pie


•  Buy good quality sand such as sandbox sand. Then, go out and dig up two cups of mud. Ideally, the mud should have some twigs and rocks in it.
•  Put one cup of sand in a large bowl and mix in one cup of mud (twigs, rocks and all). Mix together until clumps are all gone, but mixture is still thick.
•  Stir gently as you add about 1 1/2 cups of water. The actual amount will depend on what kind of sand you use.
•  Slowly add the second cup of mud.
•  Pour mixture into a cake or pie pan. Place in direct sunlight outdoors until dry.

•  Experiment by using different types of mud—ones with more clay, more iron, etc.
•  Decorate your mud pie with a live worm and a few sprigs of mint. Or try dried flowers to give it some seasonal colour.

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