What Mom Really Wants

Whether it’s for your mom or the mother of your children, this Mother’s Day you can give her exactly what she wants: some pampering! Read on for some fail-safe, easy-to-give, mom-approved gifts from the heart.

What Mom Really Wants

Babies or school-aged kids? Give her a mini-break

Sleepless nights, early wake-ups, and long days of feeding, comforting, cleaning, and chasing… it’s all in a days’ work for mom. Or maybe she’s tired from a full day at the office before rushing to pick up the kids from school, make dinner, put everyone to bed, clean up and make lunches for the next day. Most people would get tired just thinking about all of those tasks. So this Mother’d Day, give mom what she’s really craving: rest.

Let Sleeping Moms Lie

Like most new moms, Allison McCreath has sacrificed full nights’ rests for her baby. “I’d love a full night’s sleep,” says McCreath, mom to a four-and-a-half-month-old. “Daddy could be on duty that night!”

Likewise, Alexandra Vamos says her dream Mother’s Day present would be a few extra hours of the good stuff. “My perfect Mother’s Day would start with a sleep-in,” says Vamos. “My two-year-old son would wake up at 8 am instead of the usual 6:30. This is my fantasy after all!”

Let Her Eat Pancakes (and not have to clean up!)

Janette Kincaid recalls the time her two daughters, five and eight,  made an unconventional breakfast for her and her husband. “They called it a ‘breakfast special.’ It involved chocolate pudding, banana chunks, gummy candies, and a bit of water to make it ‘easier to stir’,” she says. “It was special because they put all their effort into it and I know that no other Mom got breakfast soup that morning.”

Hilary Johnson is currently on maternity leave and spends her days as a full-time mom to two children under the age of three.  “My perfect day would involve someone else preparing meals and cleaning up all day!” She says.  

Laura Silva, mother of four children aged two to 14, couldn’t agree more. “I would love to just get up and not have to delegate anything for an entire day,” she says.  “Everything [would get] done miraculously!”

If your budget allows for it, consider hiring a professional cleaning and catering service for the day – she’ll be thrilled! If not, try to pick up the slack yourself by tackling the tasks that mom tends to on a daily basis.

Send Ma to the Spa

If you’re not into cleaning the house or cooking, why not give mom a chance to really relax? A massage or any other spa treatment could be just the ticket.

“It would help ease the sore shoulders I’ve got from lifting my one-year-old son all the time,” says Kira Janisse.  

Melanie Keyes has a daughter, six, and a son, three.  “I’d even take a personal massage,” she says. “But for the kids that means walking on my back. Sometimes they fall on my head, or slip and pinch my skin. Still, it’s the best massage I’ve been getting lately!”

Or, consider taking mom on a day trip. “I would like to go somewhere not too far from home, but a place that would make me feel like I was on vacation, even just for one day,” says Sidney Kim, a full-time real estate agent and mother to a 10-month-old.

Teenaged or Grown Kids? Save Money, Spend Time

For the mom of teenagers or adults, it’s not complicated. Chances are what she really wants from you is you.

“I’d love for my kids to spend a full weekend with me,” says Cathryn McGregor, mother of two teenagers and a 20-year-old. “We’d play games, eat, talk, and watch old home movies.”

Anne Donaldson runs her own business and lives on her own; she would love nothing more than to spend some time with her 30-year-old son. “I’d love for him to help me with yard clean-up, and then we’d go for dinner or stay home and barbecue,” she says.

A Family Affair

A family activity was the most popular request for moms with kids of all ages, whether it was a picnic in the park, a trip to the zoo, or even just going for a family walk.

A Card From The Heart

Give a card that comes from the heart. Let young kids go wild with crayons and glitter, or suggest they draw a nice picture of the family. If you’re a few years beyond gluing pompoms, there’s nothing wrong with a store-bought card – but write something personal and special inside.

Blooming Consideration

Make a bouquet of flowers even more special by tying little notes to a few of the flowers, or perhaps ‘coupons’ for chores done, or an activity to do as a family. It’s flowers, your time, a mini-break, and a personal touch all in one!

Kama Lee Jackson is a mother of a two-year-old, expecting her second child in June, and is renovating her house. She almost remembers when she had time for regularly scheduled haircuts, and can’t believe she’s the only mom who wants a pair of diamond earrings for Mother’s Day.

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