How to Burn Fat Fast

Shedding those last few pounds can be an uphill battle. Stop sweating it out at the gym, and simplify your strategy with these suggestions.

Drink Plain Ice Water

Not only does water have zero calories, but when it’s very cold, you actually burn calories warming and absorbing it. Once you finish burning those calories, your metabolic rate remains 30 percent higher than before you quaffed the liquid for another 90 minutes! So keep yourself hydrated by leaving a glass of ice water next to you all day, and continually sipping from it.

Eat Hot Peppers to Rev Your Metabolism

Forget those pricey diet pills, this simple and inexpensive food may turbocharge your weight loss. Hot peppers not only liven up a meal, but some studies show that very spicy foods can temporarily increase your metabolism, or the rate at which you burn calories. Some enticing uses for hot peppers: Spice up your morning omelet with minced jalapeño, or fire up some beef stew with half a diced banana pepper.

Walk the Stairs

Just four minutes of stair climbing a day can lead to a four-pound weight loss in just a year, says Michelle Cederberg, a Canadian fitness and wellness consultant.
Here’s the math: An average 160-pound person will burn about 50 calories climbing up stairs for four minutes. If that same person takes the stairs for the same length of time five days a week, by the end of the year he’ll burn about 12,700 calories, or about four pounds of fat.

Keep Moving After Dieting

You’ve heard the statistics: Most people who diet, regain the weight they lost, and then some, when they end their diets. Well, you’re not a statistic and you can avoid becoming one if you spend 30 minutes, four days a week, cycling, walking, or water jogging during and after your diet. That’s because the low-intensity exercise can prevent the decrease in metabolism and fat burning that often occurs during and after a diet.

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