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How to Clean Up Your Kids’ Clutter Creatively

It seems like a never-ending struggle to find practical ways to keep kids puzzle pieces from landing in the same tub as the wooden blocks. It doesn’t have to be. Clean up your kids’ clutter with these creative tips.

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Box Toys Up

Boxes, felt baskets or canvas totes on low shelves are great for organizing blocks, puzzles, dolls and just about anything kids play with on a regular basis.

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Toys on Display

Turn an antique bookcase into a storage unit to corral toys, treasures and books. Toronto-based designer Sarah Richardson says less is more. “Kids need stimulation, but if a room becomes over-cluttered, the toys all blend together,” she says.

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Nab Some Multi-Functional Furniture

Look for side tables or ottomans that look modern but contain hidden storage space.

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Give Kids a Say

“Kids start collecting bits and bobs from a young age and need to feel there’s a place for their treasures,” Richardson says. “Open shelves allow you to have books close at hand-important to encourage reading every night-and floor-to-ceiling shelves allow more room to display kids’ artwork and little keepsakes.”

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Try Stackable Solutions

If space under the bed is limited and a captain’s bed, which has drawers built into the frame, isn’t possible, a stack of striped lidded boxes is another easy-to-access, kid-friendly option.

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Give to Charity

Donate your excess items-gently used clothes, books, and toys – to a charity. Some even offer free pickups from your home.

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Hunt Down Online Bargains

Scour Craigslist and Kijiji for antique shipping trunks, a unique way to store toys and often available at bargain prices.