Tricks for Keeping your Kitchen Clean

Long-term dirt and grime can take days to clean up, whereas just a few minutes’ cleaning every day will save you an enormous amount of time, not to mention elbow grease, in the long run.

Tricks for Keeping your Kitchen Clean

This is how to do it:

– Wipe over your sink and kitchen benches every day. Use a sponge with a spray-and-wipe type of cleaning product or a disposable wipe (available from supermarkets).

– Both porcelain and fibreglass sinks can be washed quickly using hot water mixed with a few drops of vinegar.

– Clean stainless steel sinks using only dishwashing liquid or a special product for stainless steel

– Wipe spills and spatter from the hotplates, burners, range hood and surrounds of your stove as soon as you have used it – and while it’s still warm – to avoid having to struggle with dry, burnt residue that’s difficult to remove.

– When you’re using a spray product to clean up grease spills in the kitchen, give it a few minutes to work before wiping it off. It’s faster and easier.

– Sweep the kitchen floor every day, and damp-mop it if there have been spills, or if the contents of your pet’s bowl leaves a mess behind.

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