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10 Flowers for Romance

Flowers are the language of love. Find out what the 10 most popular flowers really say and create the perfect bouquet for your loved one on Valentine’s Day.

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The most popular Valentine flower worldwide is the rose. It’s long been a symbol of love, passion desire and perfect happiness. A single rose of any colour in bloom means true love, two roses entwined means an engagement. White roses symbolize the purity of love, pink the perfect happiness of love and red the passion.

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Gerbera Daisy

With a large flowering head with small tightly packed florets, the daisy is one of the most romantic flowers. They come in a rainbow of colours ranging from bright pink, pure white, ruby red, passionate lavender and bright yellow. Whatever the colour, the daisy stands for loyalty in love, innocence and purity. Their colours add a fresh glow to romance.

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This instantly recognized and a much loved flower is a perfect offering at Valentine. Red tulips are considered a declaration of love but any colour symbolizes perfect love. This is a comfortable flower that is never too elegant or too showy but always strikes the right balance There are over 100 species of tulips, all originating from the Central Asia.

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To make a cheery statement of your loyalty to your lover, choose the bright sunflower. The national flower of Russia, sunflowers are also popular for throughout North America. Because it mirrors the sun, it’s considered one of the warmest flowers and is considered a caring gift for Valentine lovers.

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One of the world’s oldest flowers, the carnation is used to convey admiration and fascination. They are an excellent cut flower because they are long lasting and come in a variety of shapes and colours. Like many other flowers, different colours express different feeling. Light red carnations convey admiration while red means a deeper love. Pink carnations are sometimes given as a sign of gratitude.

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There are over 25,000 naturally occurring species of orchids in the world, so the flower can offer a wide variety of meaning. Their delicate beauty and exotic foliage make them a perfect representation of beauty, luxury, virility and love. Certain orchids are also symbols of seduction.

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Lilies have been cultivated for 3,00 years and in Greek poetry the lily stood for tenderness. Today the white lily expresses purity, innocence and sympathy while red, yellow or purple are expression of pure love.  Stargazer lilies are one of the most popular, renowned for its heavenly scent and bold, dramatic foliage.

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Chrysanthemums come is a huge variety of shapes, sizes and colours. Worldwide, this flower is one of the most popular year-round. From the common to the exotic, different colours mean different sentiments. Red means “I love you”. White symbolises a true and loyal love. Purple and other shades convey cheerfulness, optimism, long life and joy.

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Named after the Greek word for rainbow, the Iris comes in 200 varieties and is found in every part of the world. Whether it’s a Beaded, Arid or Beardless, the Iris stands for faith, hope as well as courage and admiration. The deep blue variety is the most popular, particularly for Valentine’s Day.

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This talisman of love and patience has a star-like shape in a rainbow of colours ranging in shades of white, red, pink, purple, lavender and blue-all with yellow centers. Ancient writers considered it an enchanted flower with the ability to drive away snakes, making it the flower to give for protection. Also known as starworts, Michaelmas daisies or Frost flowers, the name is Greek for “star.”