Edible Landscaping for Beginners

Who says your garden can’t be both functional and gorgeous? When it comes to landscaping, “it is possible to have your cake and eat it, too,” says Lee Reich, author of the 2009 book Landscaping With Fruit. Many plants can look attractive and put food on your table.

Edible Landscaping for Beginners

Ron Berezan, owner of The Urban Farmer, an edible-landscape-design company in Edmonton, recommends planting edible flowers such as day lilies, borages and nasturtiums.

And Renee Shepherd, owner of the U.S.-based seed company Renee’s Garden, says there are many attractive vegetables and herbs that can be planted alone or mixed with flowers to create decorative garden beds:

  • Leaf lettuce can make a nice edging in a container or bed.
  • Purple basil is both colourful and fragrant.
  • Rainbow Swiss chard has colourful and delicious leaves and stems.
  • Scarlet runner beans are edible and provide screening. As a bonus, they attract hummingbirds.

Ken Taylor, owner of Green Barn Nursery near Montreal, recommends the following low-maintenance trees, shrubs and vines, which he ships all over Canada:

  • Seedless grapes. These hardy vines take very little space and provide privacy and delicious fruit.
  • Cherry olive. This shrub bears yellow flowers in spring and red sweet-tart berries you can snack on in fall.
  • Heartnut. A type of walnut tree, the heartnut is fast-growing, and has fernlike leaves and clusters of nuts.

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