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5 Essential DIY Home Security Tips

Raise the alarm and step up your safety with these do-it-yourself home security tips guaranteed to keep your home secure from intruders.

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1. Hide Your Stuff Strategically

Store valuables in your child’s sock drawer, not your nightstand. Thieves often scour the master bedroom but tend to leave kids’ rooms untouched.

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2. Keep Your Keypad Concealed

If there’s decorative glass in your front entrance, install your security keypad in a spot that’s not visible from the doorstep. That way, burglars won’t be able to peer in and see if the alarm is set.

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3. Reposition Your Mail Slot

A mail slot goes against the wood grain, weakening the horizontal integrity of a door and making it easier to kick in. Opt for a mailbox, or install your slot near the bottom of the front door, no higher than a quarter of the way up.

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4. Plant a Deterrent

Plant thorny shrubs, such as rosebushes, beneath ground-floor windows. They’ll pretty up your garden and make robbers think twice.

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5. Keep an Eye on Your Mail

While you’re on vacation, ask a neighbour to check daily for flyers stuck in your front door. Crafty criminals have been known to leave pizza ads to see how long it takes residents to remove them.