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8 Ideas for Decorating a Child’s Bedroom

Looking for some ideas to spruce up your child’s room? Here are some suggestions on how to make their room a fun, cozy and organized space.

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1. Give Each Child Their Own Space

If two children are sharing a room, carve out space for each child by placing tall bookcases back-to-back as dividers. Not only will the bookcases provide precious privacy, they’ll also help children keep their possessions organized.





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2. Make Room for Artwork

Cover a large section of wall in cork tiles to keep artwork, posters, and mementos off painted walls.




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3. Chalk it Up

Add a coat or two of chalkboard paint (available from home hardware stores) on the back of a door. This will provide little kids with a place to play school and older kids with a built-in organizer to record dates and important things to do.


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4. Paint Furniture

Buy unpainted furniture that you can paint and decorate in kid-friendly colours. As your children grow, they can repaint the wood for an entirely new look.


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5. Avoid Yellow

Stay away from yellow in kids’ rooms. Research shows that even pastel shades of yellow make infants cry more frequently and cause older children to become irritable.


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6. Add Rugs

Bedroom scatter rugs are a treat for chilly tootsie, but they should be skid-proof. Either buy rugs with a nonskid backing or place a nonskid pad under each rug. Spring for a thin-between 1/8 and 1/16 inch thick-natural rubber or latex pad, since other types can stain or discolour wood floors.


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7. Make Playful Drawer Pulls

Tennis balls cut in half, wooden alphabet letters or blocks, even small animal figurines, all make great drawer pulls. Just remove the existing pull and screw the new one to the drawer.


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8. Add a Mural on the Wall

If your child’s taste runs to murals and you live near a local college, call the art department with your specifications. The school may be able to put together a team who can do the job professionally and inexpensively.



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