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8 Ingenious Ways To Organize Your Bathroom

Make the most of the space in your bathroom with these easy space-saving solutions using everyday household items.

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Downsize Your Essentials

If the total of family members in your household equals three, do you really need 18 bath towels, 12 hand towels, and 10 washcloths? And how many bottles and tubes of cosmetics and ointments and painkillers crowd medicine cabinet shelves and vanity drawers? The first task for the clutter fighter is to get rid of what you don’t need; the second is to look for ways to save space – and here are ways to do both.

• To free up shelf space, attach three or four towel rods on the back of the door and hang a week’s supply of towels from the rods.

• Make two bathroom toolkits, and store one in a ready-to-go ziplock bag for quick packing. Include tweezers, nail clippers, scissors, Q-tips, and cotton balls.

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Search Out Shelf Space

If you have a window, a shelf supported by brackets of the same material will hold towels and supplies.

A 2-foot expanse of wall is room enough for two- or three-tiered shelving, good for holding supplies of any kind. Get more mileage out of it by attaching a board to the bottom and installing hooks for hanging wet towels.

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Racks to the Rescue

Wish you had more towel racks in your bathroom? Forgo time-consuming installation and simply stand a coat rack in the corner – ideal for hanging towels and bathrobes.

When it comes to storing towels, a wine rack meant for countertops fits the bill. You’ll want to put the rack, which will accommodate from five to 10 rolled-up towels, depending on the design – wherever it seems most practical – the floor, perhaps, or atop a cabinet. A bonus: Besides saving space, the rack brings an attractive architectural note to the bathroom.

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Hang Tiered Baskets

Those tiered wire baskets made for decluttering the kitchen will come in handy in the bathroom as well – and the less room you have, the more you need to make use of the bathroom’s air space. Hang a set of tiered baskets from the ceiling and then stash rolled hand towels in the largest basket and toiletries or what-have-you in the smaller ones.

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Lunch Box To First-Aid Kit

Your son Henry outgrew his superhero lunch box a long time ago and consigned it to the attic, but there’s life in the colorful aluminum carrying case yet. It’s just the right size to hold bandages, gauze, scissors, and tape on one side and a bottle of isopropyl alcohol and an antiseptic spray or ointment – plus the cotton balls used to apply them – on the other.

Keep the kit in a bathroom cabinet, and you’ll be able to grab everything at once whenever you have to run out to the yard and treat little Henry Jr.’s cuts and scrapes.

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Toiletries To Go

Here’s a clever space-saving idea for large families with too few bathrooms: Turn small wicker baskets into toiletry caddies and keep one in each family member’s bedroom. Everyone can then carry his or her toiletries to the bathroom as needed.

Paint each basket a different colour and fill it with customized supplies – for Dad, his preferred toothpaste, shaving cream and razor, and other grooming supplies; for Mom, cosmetics, hair care products, and the like. Whatever you load into the baskets will help keep bathroom countertops clutter-free.

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Move Meds Out

Removing your prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals from a bathroom cabinet to the kitchen or bedroom will do more than save space in one of the home’s smallest rooms. The warmth and humidity in bathrooms can degrade the stability and potency of some drugs, so put them in a lidded plastic container or shoebox and store them in a cool, dry place. You’ll want to make sure the medicines are out of the reach of children, of course.

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Mount a Magnet

A magnetic knife holder mounted on the bathroom wall makes an ideal holder for small metal necessities like nail clippers, tweezers, and toenail scissors. No more searching for small stuff in a messy drawer or cabinet!