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9 Videos That Will Inspire You to Save the Planet

From giving up on meat to living in a more sustainable home, it’s easier than you may think to make smarter choices that ultimately help protect our planet. Here are 10 informative and entertaining videos that will help you leave behind a smaller carbon footprint.

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Bottles are for Babies

Plastic bottles are used in excess and tossed in the trash every day without a second glance, and Mr. Eco, along with his pint-sized buddy, Lil’ Nico, want to put a stop to it – in song. This funny little ditty shows how easy it is to enjoy H20 in a more eco-friendly fashion.

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Follow the Frog

The rainforest is shrinking at a rapid rate but despite the distance, you can still help. This funny vid from Rainforest Alliance shows that you don’t have to travel across the globe to help save those trees and the creatures that inhabit them.

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The Green Home of Tomorrow

Think we’re decades away from energy-efficient living? Well, tomorrow has arrived today. Students at Stanford University have created the Start.Home, a sustainable green living space that also encourages eco-friendly living in its residents. Inspiring, ingenious and, above all, smart.

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Reality Check

If you think Canada’s oil sands are great for our country, both economically and ecologically, the Tar Sands Solutions Network thinks you may be in need of a reality check. This vid is full of astonishing stats and is sure to make you think twice.

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Meatless Monday

The Humane Society wants to show you how going meat-free one day each week can a) help the environment, b) save the animals, and c) turn your health around. A small sacrifice for a big payoff, wouldn’t you agree?

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The Carbon Footprint

What is a carbon footprint? The whole may sound a bit complicated, but the explanation experts at Simple Show are here to break it down for you. In short: practically everything you own, big or small, emitted greenhouse gases during production. It’s up to you now to make sound, eco-friendly choices to help ease climate change.

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Food Wastage Footprint

How much food goes to waste on a daily basis? A lot! Too many of our natural resources find themselves in the trash, but there are ways food producers, retailers and consumers can ensure food gets reduced, reused, and recycled. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations offers a few suggestions.

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The Story of Solutions

Humans are good-nay, great-at finding solutions to problems. But sometimes, those efforts need a bit of refocusing. The Story of Stuff encourages people to find game-changing solutions to the more pressing issues, achieving goals which will ultimately turn our world around for the better and making life on this planet happier and healthier.

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How to Travel Green

Put thoughts of eco-tourism and carbon offsets to rest because, often, eco-friendly travel can be as simple as hopping a bus to a nearby tourist destination. Howcast shares a few ways you can see the world without leaving behind a huge carbon footprint.