Eco-Friendly Decorating Tips

From eco-friendly furniture to the psychological impact the colour green has on our health and well being, here’s how green is a symbol of environmental awareness and fresh beginnings in home decorating.

Eco-Friendly Decorating Tips

I grew up watching the Muppets on TV and always thought “it’s not easy being green.” But with eco-awareness on most of our minds these days, it’s easy to be green…at least it is at home.

Eco-friendly Furniture

It’s getting easier every day to be green as more environmentally-friendly décor alternatives pop up in the home-product arena. Stylish, eco-friendly furnishings are being introduced at all consumer levels, allowing us to go green room by room.

  • Look for case goods (coffee tables, end tables, headboards and dining furniture) made from reclaimed woods, glass, and renewable resources such as bamboo and rattan.
  • Inside a sexy new chair or sofa, expect soy-based foams
  • Look for interior construction materials which include recycled wire and steel.
  • Finishes are available in formaldehyde-free lacquers and VOC-free (volatile organic compounds) glues.

Take your Colour Clues from Nature

All this thinking green is literally turning our thoughts green as designers are seeing a lot more green interiors, literally!

Nurturing Shades

With the social consciousness that is attached to the colour green and its longstanding nurturing effect on the human body, this hue is the perfect choice to colour the walls and use in upholstery, bedding, and area carpets.

When it comes to the right shade, don’t choose just one, but opt for two or three. Think about all the different shades of green that you see in the leaves of a favourite tree or while gazing out on a green pasture. Take your colour clues from nature and go ‘au natural’. Mother Nature gave us an almost infinite palette from which to choose:

  • Grass green
  • Tea green
  • Apple green
  • Pear green
  • Pea green
  • Leaf green

Healthy Hues

Green is also a symbol for fresh beginnings and is associated with our health; for example, drinking green tea (one of the healthiest drinks on the planet), and buying organic foods from local food producers just to name a few.

During the last few weeks of summer, we start to hang on for dear life to the great outdoors before it’s back to school and a chillier climate. By bringing green into our décor, we can keep things alive and help to lower our stress levels. Just as a walk around the block, a hike through the woods or picking apples in the orchard is known to bring us peace of mind, surrounding ourselves with shades of green is known to calm our nerves and to reduce anxiety levels – another good reason to bring the outdoors in.

This weekend, swing by your favourite paint supplier and bring home a handful of green paint chips. Then, the next time you take a walk through the orchard or a day trip to the woods, match up some of the paint chips with the apples on a tree, the moss nestled among the rock or the leaves of an old oak tree. Remember, you don’t have to settle for just one shade, but rather plan on bringing home two or three.





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