Feng Shui for Beginners

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese practice of placing and arranging furniture in order to bring your living environment in harmony with nature. The goal is to create good “chi,” or flow of energy, in your home.

Feng Shui for Beginners

Feng shui devotees believe we are most connected to the bedroom and the bathroom, so read on for simple changes you can make to these two rooms, in keeping the principles of this ancient philosophy.

In the Bedroom

  • Keep the windows open as much as possible, or invest in a good air purifier. The air you breathe must be clean and pollutant-free.
  • Light is important to feng shui adepts, who consider it nourishing and energizing. You should have several levels of lighting-try installing a dimmer switch. Candles are the best option for lighting your bedroom, but be sure these are free of toxins; try all-natural beeswax candles.
  • Images are important for feng shui, and should be a projection of your dreams and goals, so keep this in mind when choosing artwork and photographs to hang on the walls.
  • How do you ensure a good flow of sexual energy in the bedroom? First, make sure the bed can be approached by both sides-do not push it against the wall. Next, place two bedside tables on either side, and avoid placing the bed in a direct line with the door. A good mattress, headboard, and sheets made of natural fibres are all recommended, too.
  • Do not place a mirror opposite the bed-according to feng shui experts, it will work against the harmonious flow of sexual energy.
  • To keep those sensual vibrations flowing, banish the TV, computer, and any exercise equipment from the room.
  • Encourage restful and restorative sleep by choosing soothing colours for your space. Feng shui experts recommend the “skin” colours, from pale white to chocolate brown. Any combination of colours within this range will turn your bedroom into a feng-shui haven.
  • Keep plants away from the bed, too, and only keep them if your bedroom is large-these represent growth and vibrant life, and could disrupt sleep patterns.

In the Bathroom

  • Choose artwork, photos, and mementoes that give you pleasure.
  • Proper lighting, ventilation, and cleanliness are all crucial for this room.
  • Water is a precious element in feng shui. A dripping faucet is a major no-no. Loss of water means loss of “chi”.
  • Keeping a bowl of pebbles or vase of fresh flowers on a shelf above the toilet will prevent the further loss of “chi” each time you flush-adding this element of earth counteracts the water and energy loss.
  • Worried about losing money? Keep a red or black rug at the base of your toilet. Feng shui experts associate these colours with wealth accumulation.
  • Light colours and pastels are ideal for correct feng shui in this room. Light greys, cream, and pale blue shades are your best bet for walls, tiles, and accessories.

Rebecca Schwarz for divine.ca
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