Ribbon Ball Ornament

These gorgeous balls are nothing more than beautiful ribbons wrapped around a Styrofoam base. Make several for your tree or to pile in a pretty bowl.

Ribbon Ball Ornament

What you will need:
1-1/8 yards each of 3/8-inch-wide ribbon in two contrasting colors
3-inch Styrofoam ball
Straight pins
Cloves, if desired
20-inch length of 1/4-inch-wide gold ribbon*


Wrap one color ribbon around ball, dividing it in half, and pin in place at top of ball. Cut ribbon. Wrap ribbon around ball in the opposite direction, dividing ball into quarters. Pin in place at top of ball and cut ribbon. Repeat until ball is divided into eight equal sections.

Using the same technique, wrap the ball with the other ribbon, covering the empty spaces on the Styrofoam. Note: If using cloves, leave small spaces between ribbon pieces.

If desired, carefully stud ball with the cloves in the spaces between the ribbons.

Loosely loop 1/4-inch ribbon back and forth to create a bow and hanger. Pin in place on top of ornament.

*Ornament designed by Ribbons by Offray, using ribbons by Offray Ribbon Company, available at fabric and craft stores nationwide. To find one near you, visit the company's Website at www.offray.com, or call 908-879-4700.

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