Ribbon Pinecone Ornament

Creating these ornaments takes time and patience, but the stunning results are worth it.

Ribbon Pinecone Ornament

What you will need:
3 yards 7/8-inch-wide satin ribbon*
3-inch egg-shaped Styrofoam ball
110 1/2-inch sequin pins
20-inch length of 1/4-inch-wide ribbon
2-inch pearl-head hat pin

Cut 7/8-inch ribbon into 55 1-3/4-inch lengths.

Fold top right corner and top left corner of each length down to meet in center of bottom edge of ribbon to create a triangle shape (see illustration A).

Starting at narrow end of egg, position triangle (illustration B). Pin in place, using one pin at each top corner. Continue with other triangles, overlapping raw edges, to completely cover egg.

Loosely loop 1/4-inch ribbon back and forth to create a bow and hanger (illustration C). Use hat pin to attach to top of ornament.

*Ornament designed by Ribbons by Offray, using ribbons by Offray Ribbon Company, available at fabric and craft stores nationwide. To find one near you, visit the company's Website at www.offray.com, or call 908-879-4700.

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